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SSL Certification on Domain: Affiliates need to know about importance of Secure domain


SSL or HTTPS has become an integral part of a website or domain in use in any way over the internet.

Domains security with SSL certificates not only provides the security key for protecting the world wide web. But also it does play an important role in the improvement of Google search rankings as well as the treatment of pages in browsers.

On Feb 4, 2020, Google has made a huge upgrade in chrome cross-site cookie tracking. Chrome 80 update will block all cookie data placed by a non-secure (http://) domain or website in the user's browser. 

If you are an affiliate this is important for you to understand because this change has affected your campaign tracking. 

Well, no doubt most of the third party cookies are innocent. But, Google has decided to take a step forward and make changes in their Chrome browser's cross-site cookie data policy, by blocking cookies of a non-secure website domain.

A Quick question, 

What if you have never used or heard of the need for SSL before?

As an affiliate marketer, no secure domain will give visitors a warning “Connection not Secure”. This warning (introduced in Chrome 68 update as of July 2018) by chrome will lead you to lose your customers or simply the conversion counts.

If you are on a 3rd party tracking platform (like Offer18), and you are using your custom domain but you are not using SSL. Beware, this is gonna impact your services.

(This impact will occur only on above-said condition)

  • Impact on Click Tracking:

    Usually clicks data relies/depends on certain parameters, stored in cookies. If that is not found in the browser, then the system safe-track mechanism starts and sends a search to look for those parameter data in click referral. So good news is, Clicks tracking has not affected that much depending on the conditions.

  • Effects on Conversion Tracking:

    Your image pixel or iframe pixel cookie-based tracking stops working.

Safeguards to be sure that everything is working fine.

The main thing affiliates must take care of is, their domains being used for tracking purposes must be SSL activated throughout the whole funnel flow of tracking.

Means, SSL must be enabled on:

  • Landing pages
  • Click tracking URL 
  • Conversion pixel URL

If you are getting campaigns from other affiliate networks make sure to check with them if they support secure connection on their links.

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