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Myths About Moving Your Affiliate Programs To Saas


Although SaaS is growing fast in popularity, there are many widespread assumptions about the model. The debate on which is better between SaaS platforms and in-house solutions has raged on for some years now. If you’re looking to know more about SaaS for affiliate programs, here’s a list of the misconceptions and facts about SaaS platforms.

  • Myth 1: SaaS Solutions Lack Security -

    Some people are of the notion that SaaS solutions are insecure and that it cannot be trusted but that’s untrue. For starters, keep in mind that it’s very unlikely that any technology will survive this age if it doesn’t offer maximum security and confidentiality of customers’ data. SaaS platforms are ideal for affiliate programs because they act as data processors, tracking large amounts of information on users across different devices with no interactions with end-users. These platforms also adhere to the regulations of the GDPR towards existing customers and their employees, which includes data security.

  • Myth 2: In-house Solutions Are Often Cheaper And You Can Predict All Expenses -

    It is false that on-premise IT infrastructure incur lower costs and are predictable. If you plan to adopt an in-house solution, you will be responsible for a wide range of expenses including the costs of purchasing hardware and software, cost of maintenance, power, space, employee salaries and more. These expenses are not fixed as you may exceed your budget several times to maintain usual operations. In contrast, SaaS solutions allow you to transfer the cost to the provider so you can enjoy lower expenses since you only have to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee.

  • Myth 3: In-house Platforms Are More Effective As You Develop Only Those Features That You Need -

    If you decide to develop only the features you need for your in-house solutions, you may experience setbacks that can make it harder to hit your goals. For instance, you might be unaware of the troublesome process of offering transfer to the platform, which requires a separate tool like CPAPI. And even when you discover an issue and how to fix it, you still need to wait for the custom features to be developed. On the other hand, SaaS solutions allow you to fix issues as they arise because you have instant access to the required tools.

  • Myth 4: You Cannot Implement Any Custom Integrations Of Your Own On The Saas Platform -

    This could have been true five years or maybe even a decade ago but not anymore. Besides providing solutions to customers, SaaS companies are working hard to deliver a unique experience and doing that requires room for customizations. Because you can customize the designs and integrations, you can reflect your brand’s identities with ease as well as personalize the settings in a convenient way for your business.

  • Myth 5: It Takes A Couple Of Days To Start Working With Saas -

    This is entirely true as you can start working with SaaS within 24 hours. If you choose the right SaaS provider while starting out, you can launch your affiliate program with ease within 24 hours. But if you’re migrating your program to a platform, you will need more time to transfer your offers.

Take Away from Here
With the misperceptions cleared above, you can probably now tell between which is better – solutions from scratch and SaaS. You can move your affiliate programs to SaaS without worries and enjoy the many benefits of making the switch.

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