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Top Stories from the Month of August 2021

UK unveils plans to scrap cookie pop-ups amidst other changes to its data legislation

The British government has announced plans to roll back on flagship European Union data laws in the wake of the country's move from the EU. Among other things, the move will see the abolishment of online cookie requests as the authorities plan to introduce a new law that strengthens consumer privacy. While this is a welcome development for Brits who have expressed their joy that the cookie pop-ups that hampered online experience are set to be scrapped, this is not the case for the advertising industry as marketers may have to find new ways to reach their target audience

Snapchat advertisers can now track user trends

In a move aimed at making it easier for curious advertisers to search for high trending subjects, Snapchat has launched a brand new website (Snapchat Trends) that is a blend of Google Trends and TikTok's hashtags. Anyone can access the website and enter any key phrase to see how it has performed over time. Advertisers can leverage its advanced features to add as much as 4 further key phrases and search by time frame. However, the service is only available in the U.S., U.K, Canada and Australia

Google limits ad targeting for teens, increase YouTube privacy

Alphabet's Inc.'s Google has announced its plans to limit the targeted advertising of users younger than 18, which is one of the many standards the technology giant is adopting in the face of criticisms that the companies are not doing enough to protect children. Consequently, location history for users under 18 years will be turned off and the option to turn it back on will be disabled. Furthermore, the California-based said that videos uploaded to its platform by users 13-17 years old would be private by default and will only be visible to the creators and those they give authorization to.

Amazon lures advertisers from Facebook after Apple privacy shift

Following the introduction of privacy changes on iOS that made Facebook advertising less effective, the world's largest online retailer, Amazon, is starting to grab advertisers from the social platform. Apple's decision to tighten privacy on its devices has made Facebook advertising unattractive to advertisers, who were forced to search for close substitutes. Amazon was obviously the most preferred option, with an estimated 153 million US Prime subscribers.

New Google Maps alternative promises zero ads, no tracking

Although Google Maps is the world's leading navigation app, many users are skeptical about using it because they believe Google might track their activities and know too much about them. A new navigation app, Organic Maps, has entered into the competition, serving zero ads running no trackers. Organic Maps is not as advanced as Google Maps but it does offer support for cars, cycling and walking. The developers affirm their goal to provide navigation while fully respecting user's privacy.

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