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Half(0.5)ms Time to Redirect with custom filters.


ms Redirect




Tracking Points



Automatic system always required to calculate your ROI for offers/campaigns, With help of our system, you will be able to calculate campaign market performance.


Reports in real time basis, No delay in reports processing, It will help you to eye on live performance.


You will always get best pricing in offer18 compare to other platforms.


Don't worry about system scalability on billions events, Our team will take care of it. Being a robust and precisely designed platform, Offer18 offers 99.9999% up-time, which makes it a secure platform – protected from hacking or phishing.


Speed is the main technology in performance marketing, Our system redirect user to offer just in Half(0.5)ms.


You can reach us 24/7 through Skype, Email, Phone.

User Friendly Interface

Offer18 platform interface is very user friendly. Easy offers setup, management and reporting. We reduced the learning curve with simple walk throughs, tool tips, demonstrations and documentation to show you how to use platform.

Multiple Revenue Models

Multiple revenue models like CPC, CPV, CPS, CPA, CPM, CPL, CPI and many more. Track and payout commissions on anything! Pay commissions to affiliates based on ad views, clicks, sales, leads, continuity, up-sells, and more.

Smart Offer

Smart offer is a way to create one offer wtih mulitiple offers having different targeting options that will increase the ROI. It enhance the use of waste traffic.

Multiple Targeting options

If you service clients in various countries, our targeting feature will allow you to redirect users to the relevant destination pages based on geo-localel. Offer18 supports various targeting options like Geo, ISP, Browser, Device, Device brand, OS targeting.

Landing Pages Support

Offer18 allows you to create multiple landing pages according to your needs it will help you in adding more links within one offer. Easy to add and to manage.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Caps

Set limits on conversions and leads while getting real-time alerts when caps are met or getting close. Set caps to make sure you don't exceed your marketing budget.

Offer Access Control

You can manually approve and authorize access to offers. Three access modes are available: Public, Private and Requires Permission.

Event Tracking and Custom Goals

Go beyond single revenue-generating conversions and see what events are really driving conversions. Set up custom goals.

Multiple Tier Payout

Multiple-Tier payout provides a free hand in making choice regarding payouts to affiliates. Set multiple payout tiers according to your needs.

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