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Deeplink Tracking: A serene user experience to increase campaign ROAS


Technologies in the affiliate marketing industry are drastically changing day by day. Providing seamless experience to users is not only the removal of a few redirects but also giving direct access to affiliates to modify the tracking URL to send users directly to web-landing or product page / Appstore / play store. This is becoming the future of web and mobile marketing technological trends.

Understanding Deep links
A deep link in tracking URLs is the method to send users directly to an application or web page with multiple redirection steps. Deep links are specially designed URLs that play their role of engaging users directly to content/product they expect.
Deep linking does this work by customizing URL scheme and ties campaign tracking URL to direct product or landing page chosen by affiliate marketer in specified parameters.

Nowadays, marketers prefer deep link tracking over normal tracking

  • Improve conversion rates with fully customizable tracking URLs that match your brand and campaign being promoted.

  • Modify the user experience of the campaign being promoted by modifying the campaign landing page with the user’s expectations.

  • Reduce the campaign churn/dropoff percentage. 

  • Increase in retention ratio, stickiness, and loyalty of users towards product visited or subscribed.

  • Linking users directly to the product almost doubles the user engagement.

  • In today’s trending technology environment, most of the weblinks are deep links.

The takeaway from here:
Most of the time deep links are mostly mistaken by the URL schemes. Practically speaking deep links are a feature useful for increasing user engagement with product promoting on web/mobile environments. Custom URL schemes that are being used for deep link tracking is the best way to increase the Return on advertising cost spent on a campaign.

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