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for affiliate, advertiser, ad-networks to help them track, optimize and
measure the performance of their affiliate network.


Happy Customers

Fastest growing Saas Platform with global reach to over 400+ clients across 20+ countries.


Day & Night Support

Always available Dedicated and onBoarding Support to meet requirements.


API Integration

Granting prompt integration with the various advertiser to initiate the process of pulling offers in just few steps.

Why Choose us

  • Advance Targeting

    Targeting features are not only limited by Geos but also can be expanded to the carrier, languages, os versions and deliver right campaigns to the right audience.

  • Complete Whitelabel

    Platform that will give you feel like in-House system with your Branding, Custom Domain. But additionally you will get tones of features compare to in-House.

  • Smart Offer

    Create Intelligent Tracking URLs that distribute traffic according to requirements. Alternatively, distribute traffic through weighted splitters.

400+ Active Companies

125+ API Partners

Features Bulid in

Budget Control

Its easy to keep your budget in check with daily and monthly caps.

Affiliate Interface

Ultimate Affiliate Dashboard UI with fast and prompt reporting & quick offer setup.

Multi Currency Payouts

We support multiple currencies for revenue and payout of campaigns from advertisers and publishers respectively.

Infinite Scalability

Any amount of impressions, clicks you are dealing with, No worry about infrastructure, We are able to handle billions of events every day.

Automated & AI Powered​

Campaign Automation

Manage all of your advertisers, affiliates, offers/campaigns, automated billing and invoicing in one place.

Link Tester

A Link Testing Tool to validates your Campaign redirection and lets you track every breakpoint in Campaign URL.

Affiliate Referral

One Affiliate can bring more Affiliates on your platform, you can give reward as revenue share or fixed price.

Dynamic Payouts

Whether you pay in fix rate or percentage, its easy to set up payouts for each affiliate with Selected GEO.

Fraud Detection

Tokens, whitelists, blacklists, antifraud — no malicious traffic will go unnoticed from our in-house fraud detection.


Dont need to wait to reports processing, All Data you will get real-time in you hands.

Free 30 Days Trial

By signing up you will get 30 Days free trial. You won't be charged until the trial period ends, don't let this offer pass in from of your eyes.