#Make your Agencies Profitable

Agency Campaign Tracking Software

Agencies are the ones who connect the advertisers with consumers
directly by selling them publisher’s unsold website ad slots.

Agency Campaign Tracking Software

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Probabilistic Attribution

Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising strategies even when deterministic device IDs are rarely available.

Integration Templates

Save time by using the preset MMP integration templates in the dashboard.

SKAdNetwork Attribution

Ad networks and advertisers can measure their ad activity as per Apple’s privacy-centric attribution protocol.

MMP Integration & Direct Advertiser Integration

MMP Integration

& Direct Advertiser Integration

Get more accurate mobile conversion data and ensure it's fed back into your account.

Audience Targeting

Targeting extends beyond Geos to device type, carrier, and audience segmentation.

Geo & Device Targeting

Traffic can be targeted to different geographic locations and devices.

ISP Targeting

Allow or blocks audience to your offer to specific internet service providers.

User Language Targeting

Deliver traffic to your offer based on User languages.

Security & Scalability

Built on stability with 99.999% uptime, our reliable services can handle billions of events safely.

Fraud Fender

A traffic monitoring tool designed to filter out all sources sending repeated or bot clicks from the same IP and ISP.

Click Spamming Defender

Get rid of “spam clicks” where networks send a high number of “virtual” clicks before they convert.

Traffic Source Validator

You can reject traffic sent from bots or emulators using browser proxy blocks.

99.99% Uptime

To minimize the impact of downtime, partner with a vendor with an uptime guarantee of 99.99 percent or greater.


Offer18 recognizes the importance of automation and continues to develop new automated capabilities that can boost production while lowering costs.

Smart Offer

With Automated Smart Offer, affiliate traffic can be redirected to the most relevant offer based on a tracking URL.

Link Tester

Displays results in seconds based on Geo/Device redirection, identifying partner network engagement rates.

Network Wide Domain

A partner network can be hosted on a custom domain and configured email SMTP.

Customizable Affiliate Dashboard

Adjust the layout color of your affiliates dashboard.

Whitelabel Affiliate Registration

Allows your affiliates to sign up directly on your own designed registration pages.

Personalized Services

A complete white-label solution including domain masking and API accessibility options for managing an affiliate business.


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