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Dating Campaigns Tracking Software

Dating campaign tracking software, also known as affiliate tracking software or affiliate marketing tracking software, is a type of software used by companies or individuals running dating affiliate programs to track the performance of their marketing campaigns. These campaigns typically involve affiliates promoting a dating website or app and earning a commission for each user they refer who signs up or subscribes.

Dating Campaigns Tracking Software

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CPS Pricing Model

This model calculates the cost an advertiser pays for each sale generated through the affiliate's marketing efforts. In the dating market, this could be a subscription or membership sale.

CPI Pricing Model

This model calculates the cost an advertiser pays for each installation of software or an app. In the dating market, this could be the cost per installation of a dating app.

Revenue Share Pricing Model

With this model, partners (affiliates) earn a share of the revenue generated from the sales or subscriptions they refer. This can be a percentage of the sale amount or subscription fee.

Cost Per Sale & Install

In the dating market, this pricing model is often utilized to measure sales and User subscriptions.

Single & Double Opt-in

From conversion to post-acquisition, the track time lapse between single & double opt-in.

Single Opt-in

In this process, a user is only required to take one action to confirm their subscription or registration. For example, they might enter their email address and immediately gain access to the dating platform without further confirmation.

Double Opt-in

In this process, after the initial action (such as entering an email address), the user receives a confirmation email and must take a second action, usually clicking a verification link, to complete the registration process. This adds a layer of verification and reduces the chances of fake or incorrect email addresses being used.

Postback Integration

In Affiliate Marketing, postback integration stands as a cornerstone for accurate conversion tracking.

Server-to-Server (S2S) Integration

Unveiling the nuances of global, offer, and advertiser-specific S2S postbacks, we dissect how this method optimises data transmission between parties, ensuring seamless tracking across the affiliate ecosystem.

Privacy Postback

Amidst evolving privacy protocols such as Apple's iOS14, statistical attribution emerges as a crucial tool. We delve into how privacy postback mechanisms, informed by past behaviour, align with these protocols while preserving data integrity.

Advertiser Specific Postback

Tailoring postback integration to advertisers' unique needs is paramount. We explore how custom postback configurations empower advertisers to fine-tune tracking parameters, enhancing campaign insights and performance.

Postback Generator

It crafts customised Postback URLs directly from your advertiser dashboard. Seamlessly measure, track, and analyse campaign performance with precision. Simplify your affiliate marketing efforts and enhance data-driven decision-making with our intuitive tool. Boost your ROI effortlessly.

Streamlined Affiliate Tree Management

Efficiently create, launch, and oversee affiliate network operations with our comprehensive solution. Seamlessly manage your affiliate tree, ensuring optimal performance and growth. Empower your team to navigate affiliate activities effortlessly, maximising productivity and results. Simplify your workflow and unlock new levels of success.

Affiliate Referral Program

Using affiliate referral links, users can invite more affiliates to their networks and manage commissions.

Affiliate Dashboard Access

All your affiliates can check their revenue and payouts through separate dashboards.

Affiliate Billing

The Offer18 dashboard gives users access to raise invoices for their partners.

Dynamic Payouts

Unlock the potential of customisable payout tiers tailored to your campaign needs. Publishers can optimise ROI by accessing dynamic payout structures that adapt to performance metrics. Maximise profitability and incentivise publishers effectively with our flexible payout system.

Dedicated Affiliate Payouts

A separate and dedicated payout for affiliates can be set up and managed.

Country Payout Tiers

Affiliates get paid depending on performance or geographical conversions.

Employee Management

Create employee accounts to assign duties to team members with insights into their workforce.

Customizable Permissions
Dedicated account dashboards can be customized for employees with read/write permissions.
Advertiser Manager
Employees can manage partner integrations with various advertisers and monitor their performance.
Affiliate Manager
Recruit and manage affiliates or advertisers on their own to scale the business.
Finance Manager
A dedicated finance manager to analyze financial data and understand future needs.

Comprehensive Analytics Insights

Gain unparalleled clarity into campaign performance with our real-time measuring filters. Dive deep into data and access precise analytics that offer invaluable insights. Elevate your reporting experience and make informed decisions effortlessly with our comprehensive analytics platform.

User Engagement

Track conversion rates by analyzing which traffic sources users engage with the most.

Geo Analytics

Quick overview of the geographical area of traffic received from all sub-sources..

Source & Sub Source Tracking

Source reports help further to optimize your campaign performance.

Referral Commission Report

Share affiliate referral links with affiliates and check referral commission reports to add more affiliates.

Fraud Fender

A traffic monitoring tool designed to filter out all sources sending repeated or bot clicks from the same IP and ISP.

Conversion Risk Monitor

To investigate suspected fraud, CTIT is one of the first and most crucial variables to monitor.

3rd Party Integration

One-click integration with various fraud detection platforms such as 24metrics, fraudscore, etc.

Robust Fraud Prevention

Ensure your marketing efforts are shielded against fraudulent activities with our enhanced security measures. Stay protected from fraudster networks that attempt to inflate earnings through deceptive practices. Rest easy knowing your campaigns are safeguarded, allowing you to focus on genuine, profitable engagement.


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