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e-Commerce Campaigns Tracking Software Solution

To increase online sales, gather data from all areas that affect your online store and analyze it to uncover consumer behaviour.

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Secure Postback Integration

Using Secure Postback, information sent from the browser to the server is protected from fraudsters.

Dynamic Product Promotion Tracking

Prompt multiple landing pages link within one campaign.

Online Store Integration

Setup with shopify, woocommerce and other online stores in a few steps.

Dynamic Payout Pixel

Receive revenue from your advertiser in your postback and affiliates are paid based on their success.

Client Side Integration

Increase conversion rates with Deep-Link technology and pixel-based client-side tracking.

Cost per Lead & Revenue Share Integration

Optimise ad budgets by integrating campaigns with a fintech industry pricing model.

Cost Per Sale Pricing Model

Automatic Calculation of the revenue and payout for campaigns based on every sale activity.

Revenue Share Pricing Model

Manage campaigns by sharing commission from the revenue with partners instead of a fixed payout.

Cost Per Lead Pricing Model

Affiliates are paid for each lead generated in subscription-based campaigns.

Affiliate Referral Program

Using affiliate referral links, users can invite more affiliates to their networks and manage commissions.

Affiliate Dashboard Access

All your affiliates can check their revenue and payouts through separate dashboards.

Affiliate Billing

The Offer18 dashboard gives users access to raise invoices for their partners.

Affiliate Management

Includes essentials of creating, starting, managing affiliate network activities more efficiently.

Fraud Detection & Personalization

Marketers with enhanced shields are always protected against fraudster networks that inflate their earnings with fraudulent activities.

3rd Party Integration

One-click integration with various fraud detection platforms such as 24metrics, fraudscore, etc.

Conversion Risk Monitor

To investigate suspected fraud, CTIT is one of the first and most crucial variables to monitor.

Click Spamming Defender

Get rid of “spam clicks” where networks send a high number of “virtual” clicks before they convert.

Network Wide Domain

A partner network can be hosted on a custom domain and configured email SMTP.

Employee Management

Create employee accounts to assign duties to team members with insights into their workforce.

Customizable Permissions

Dedicated account dashboards can be customized for employees with read/write permissions.

Advertiser Manager

Employees can manage partner integrations with various advertisers and monitor their performance.

Affiliate Manager

Recruit and manage affiliates or advertisers on their own to scale the business.

Finance Manager

A dedicated finance manager to analyze financial data and understand future needs.

User Engagement Analytics

Real-time measuring filters provide a crystal clear picture of performance analytics and enhance reporting experience.

Landing Page Analytics

Use It's landing page reporting features to evaluate data more efficiently.

CR Report

Deliver high-converting performance reports to R&D for better campaign optimization.

KPI Analytics

Using this tool, you can see if a campaign matches your KPI as well as compare event reports.

Budget Statistics

Instantly determine future budget expectations based on current ROAS.


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