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Customers engage with your brand on a variety of platforms and devices. We give you full visibility into customer journeys on the web, mobile web.

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Cost per Lead & Revenue Share Integration

Integrate campaigns with a widely used pricing model in the fintech industry and utilize ad-budget more effectively with best suitable campaign models.

Cost Per Sale Pricing Model

Automatic Calculation of the revenue and payout for campaigns based on every sale activity.

Revenue Share Model

Manage campaigns by sharing commission from the revenue with partners instead of fixed payout.

Cost Per Lead Pricing Model

Pay to affiliates based on each and every generated leads. A widely used pricing model in subscriptions based campaigns.

Managing Affiliate Commision

Build strong partner relationships with available multiple affiliate commission options.

Dynamic Payout Configuration

Pay to affiliates when they achieve a specific goal or target for a campaign.

Dedicated Affiliate Payout

A dedicated payout which makes it convenient at the advertiser’s end to set specific payout, and rest role play is entrusted to our technology to get the right numbers reported at the right place.

Affiliate Commission Management

Easy to manage affiliate commission automatically by setting up percentage share from each conversion revenue recorded in account.

Omni-Channel Support & Referral

A multi-channel customer support service that includes chat support as well as phone support, also video demonstration available on youtube, Platform knowledge base and live demo sessions.

24x7 Support Services

Get resolution of your queries with our 24X7 available customer support services. Our team of customer Support Representatives can assist you anytime around the clock.

Dedicated Account Manager

A direct and easy mode of communication with the dedicated account manager to assist in best and cost-effective pricing plan and features for any business requirement.

Remote Assistance

Sit in front of your computer to get remote technical support. A 5-star rated customer support service team ready to serve every great company.

Affiliate Referral Program

Users can share affiliate referral links with their affiliates to refer more affiliates to their network and manage their referral commission as well.

Fraud Prevention

By using Offer18, performance marketers always have enhanced shields in their hands to protect themselves from such fraudster networks which result in inflating the earnings of performance networks with their fraudulent activities.

Fraud Fender

A traffic monitoring tool designed to filter out all sources sending repeated or bot clicks from the same IP and ISP. It can also be used to block low-converting sources.

Conversion Risk Monitor

To monitor time between clicks to conversions. CTIT is one of the first and most important variables to look at when investigating suspected fraud attempts on your traffic. It is a vital part of fraud identification and attribution fraud.

3rd Party Integration

One click API integration with various fraud detection platforms via such as 24metrics , fraudscore, etc.


Offer18 recognizes the importance of automation and continues to develop new automated capabilities that can boost production while lowering costs.

Smart Offer

An intelligent tracking URLs can be created, the Automated Smart Offer18 algorithm analyses and redirects affiliate traffic to the most relevant offer, thus increasing your ROI.

Link Tester

This tracks the campaign’s redirection based on Geo and Devices, identifying the rate of involvement of common partner networks, displaying results in seconds.

Offer Automation

Offer automation is specially designed to automate campaign performance and increase the productivity of every campaign, affiliate, and its sub-sources based on variations in metrics of gross and unique clicks, conversions, CR, and many more to optimize campaign performance.

MMP Integration

Easily integrate with a mobile measure partner to measure your mobile conversions more accurately and analyze to ensure data passed back into the Offer18 account.

Probabilistic Attribution

Since deterministic device IDs are often solely readily available in mobile app contexts, the purpose of probabilistic attribution is to ensure that advertisers can still evaluate the goals and Effectiveness of their advertising strategies.

SKAdNetwork Attribution

Ad networks and advertisers can measure their ad activity ( clicks, app installs, etc) on Apple’s privacy-centric attribution protocol.

Integration Templates

Preset integration templates available in the dashboard can be used to get integrated with MMP partners to save your time.


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