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Professional onboarding by experts familiar with the technology will guide users through the process. So, users can focus on their business rather than integrating campaigns.

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Training Session

Demonstration sessions are not limited to one or two, users can schedule as many as they want as per their convenient time. No matter from which geo what time zone it is, our on-boarding team remains available 24X7.

Integration Help

New users don’t need to wait to understand the functionality of the dashboard to launch their first campaigns, the team helps them to on-board and integrate their advertisers, affiliates and campaigns on their system without caring about privacy.

Account Manager

One-on-one support can be avail by scheduling a meeting with a dedicated account manager. Get advice from experts regarding plans and features, meeting your requirements.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are easily available on the internet with easy to understand language.


Organizations keep migrating to Offer18 and state why they looked into other alternatives.

Igknights Media (OPC) Private Limited is a premium mobile agency and user acquisition network based out of India. It provides traffic on CPI, CPT, VAS, CPL, and Gaming (Casino and RMG) verticals. Before starting this company, Abhishek Kapadia, found
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Adsfitter employs a data-driven service and collaborates with leading agencies and businesses to ensure that clients are only given the best possible solutions with their campaigns. Through the use of data, and audience analysis, we customize campai
Mobs10media employs novel technology to bring clients scalable options for their media targeting and the means of effectively reaching out to their mobile audience. Mobs10media have worked with leading brands across numerous countries and industries