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Refer your natives to Offer18: avail bonus and travel around

With Offer18 Tracking Platform, you can not only manage your affiliate networks but can also earn with our referral program. Once you refer your friends to our platform, you can avail a handsome amount of bonus directly into your bank account and in addition to it, you can enjoy a trip to Goa with one of your closed ones.
As a user/non-users of Offer18 Tracking Platform, You expect discounts and concessions regarding your chosen plans. We offer various programmes from time to time with the aim of benefitting our clients as well as our business. As a result, all will be benefitted collectively. Our referral program includes the following:

You'll get a 10% referral bonus of referred persons’ billing for 3 months directly into your bank account.

If you refer 3 users (149 USD + Plan) or 5 users (49 USD Plan), you will get one tour package* (in addition to 10% referral bonus)

*Tour package includes 3 days 2 nights hotel stay in Goa + Flights ticket from Delhi to Goa or similar distance flight. **T&C applied.

How does it work?

On the website of Offer18, you are served with a referral program link. Also, you can find the link in the panel under the profile section. You need to sign up for a referral program. Once you are done with the signup, you can add your referrals to the panel. On successful registration of your referrals, the amount of bonus keeps on getting added in your account. You can receive the amount directly to your bank account by providing details in the panel itself.

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