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Smartlink - Great tool

We are going to explore a SmartLink to show you first what it is? SmartLink can really help to get you more conversions and cut down on your workload.
What is SmartLink?

A Smartlink works by detecting several things about the person that clicks on the link – their location, device, OS, OS Version, Device, Device Brad, ISP, etc… – and diverts them to the right off.

The main one is that you just have one single URL for all your offers. This means you don’t need to create many for people in different countries, using different devices or different operating systems.
Smartlinks have the power to make you money and they also take a lot of the effort out of setting up campaigns. With a Smartlink, you can divert people to the most profitable offers based on where they are located, what device
they use and many more variables.

In Offer18 you can make your own SmarLinks. To create your own SmartLink you can visit the Knowledge Base

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