Affiliate Link Tester with Offer18 - Offer18

Affiliate Link Tester with Offer18


Fastest Offer Testing
Live to track traffic to its destination link. that helps you to automatically track the status of all of your offers. our super-fast system gives track and display results in a few seconds only

Improve Performance And ROI
Offer Test has a feature of automated tracking, It helps user automatically trace and detect in-active / non-active offers in a particular period/duration, and shift wasting traffic sources to another profitable offer.

Quick API Access
For All Networks, API access helps you shift your technology from email alerts to real-time analyzing, and apply various solutions for optimizing offers. in API we provide testing of up to 2000 offers in 60-80 seconds.

Easy To Use
Our product is built for all digital marketers, ad-agencies, startup/professional affiliate networks to integrate with almost every platform, test offers, validate tracking URLs with ease.

Trace Records Dynamically
Offer Test is fully dynamic according to the structure of the tracking link, which eventually helps in doing Deep testing and removes blocks to fetch more reliable and stable results

Reseller Tracer
Link Tests recognizes link trace results and detects whether someone is trying to sale your offer back to you or not

Great Features Top Class Results
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Configure Track Modes
1. Setup number of unhealthy checks
2. Configure number of redirection allowed while testing
3. Check if someone is re-selling offer

Quick Access To:
1. Changelogs for Rules
2. Enable smart alert to receive notifications over email.
3. Enable/Disable warning alerts for Rule Break
4. Test Reports History.

Steps You Should Follow Are:
1. Create a test rule.
2. Define actions to be taken.

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