Meeting at Affiliate World Conference, Europe postponed to 2021 - Offer18

Meeting at Affiliate World Conference, Europe postponed to 2021

Offer18 Team was all set with the new theme, new idea and new presentation to attend the great events of the year 2020, when, suddenly the pandemic COVID - 19 hit the world so adversely that some of the economies of the world have completely lost their foundation and many others are still struggling hard to at least survive during this hard time. In between all this, when the survival of the human race is challenged, it became obvious at a moment that affiliate summits will definitely be postponed, and as a result, it got. A great event the Affiliate World Conference, Europe, which was to be organized in July 2020 will now be organized on 7-8th July 2021 if the situations will allow at that time with all the safety concerns to be followed. Offer18 Team will be there to meet you and converse what the affiliate networks aspire and how our affiliate marketing platform with all the advanced affiliate marketing tools act as a guiding factor to increase the worth of your business. Our pricing is designed in consideration of both the new as well as the top ads network. It is flexible enough to meet your requirements either based on units or on conversions.

Affiliate marketing is not just limited to placing ads on a source and receiving traffic and getting conversions but there is a lot more to discuss. Let me take you to a short ride about what needs to be understood when it comes to affiliate tracking platforms. Along with the counts of the number of clicks and conversions, Offer18 enables the ad networks to track, analyze, and optimize the performance. The discrepancy in what is the performance to date and what it is aspired to be is minimized when you are monitoring and tracking the performance with our advanced tracking platform.

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