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Biggest mistakes of Digital Marketer while finding Affiliates


The era of digital marketing brought a revolutionary change in the entire marketing industry. Only in one-decade affiliate marketing business has become one of the most popular and fastest-growing marketing trends for online business and revenue-generating.

The main aim of affiliate business is to attract valuable customers with reliability in staying connected with them as long as possible, starting your own affiliate program no doubt demands bags of money, but also, it is the most effective way of raising brand awareness and boosting revenues. It can help a business reach an unprecedented level of success.

But, A coin always has two sides, on the one side affiliate marketing is on the peak of its trend, and on the other side, it is not like anyone can be an affiliate marketer. 

If you are looking for some affiliates who would be promoting your product, How do you know where to find?

Do you exactly know who can be an affiliate?
- As said above, not anyone can be an affiliate.

Finding Quality Affiliates for your product promotion is really important and of course hard. And when you have so many ways in your mind. It is nearly impossible to focus and decide.



AVOIDING THESE 8 BIGGEST MISTAKES is the key to your business growth towards SUCCESS.


  • Understanding your target affiliates

    Of course, you should keep your resources in mind and not go overboard. Setting up your affiliate program and targeting your desired affiliates is just one single step but with complexity in the affiliate's unscrupulous and deceitful practices may end up harming not only the product but also your business value. So it's all in your hands whether you learn these basics by yourself or recruit someone to do it for you.

  • Unattractive commissions.

    There are always expectations lies, where Marchant thinks that his affiliate would work for him at free which makes them decide and set embarrassing commission rates as their product promotion commission rate for affiliates. While the average commissions vary considerably between market segments.

  • Affiliate Agreement Terms and conditions.

    One of the most dangerous mistakes of affiliate programs is not defining or improper affiliate program agreement. Lack of clarification in the final commission amount. Period of commission release. trademarks and clearcut rules on affiliate paid search.

  • Poor brand representation

    Very first thing publishers/affiliates notice between a good vs. a bad affiliate program is website appearance, ability to convert, visitor traces. No affiliate is interested in joining affiliate programs with slow-performing websites, non-tracking pages. Idle widgets, lacking the ability to convert visitors.

  • Lack of communication

    Affiliates are not machines so, impersonal, Bland, Dry communication with them will cost you by losing them. Also, unnecessary phone or email or not responding to their calls and emails is the root cause of failure in the affiliate marketing business, replying within 24 hours is too much to ask, taking more than 48 hours to do it is a huge affiliate program communication mistake.

  • Lack of Management

    Affiliates joining your program are not your employees they are your partners in your business growth. Trying to force affiliates to use their promotion link on your website. Dictating with your affiliates about what to do or how to do. Force them to stop the promotion of your competitors. Lowering the previously mentioned commission rates,

  • Neglecting referrals and rewards.

    It is always recommended by many affiliate program managers and even advised by affiliate networks to never ever ignore the referrals contacts given by your affiliates also never ever ignore your inactive affiliates. If they fail you have nothing to lose, if they get the success you can earn more from them. Your only goals should be to activate them and help them drive your campaign sales to another level.

  • Choice of SaaS Platform.

    It is up to you whether you manage your affiliate program in-house, using dedicated affiliate tracking software, or on get on the monthly subscription. You can also combine your program or in-house solution with the one which is compatible with your custom requirements.

Switching one solution to another is troublesome and sometimes expensive as well, and tracking gaps can cost the loss of valuable affiliates. Before you do it, study all options carefully and make sure that the solution you choose must have the ease to access, operate, and functionality of ease in switching without letting you lose your time, money, and valuable resources.

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