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Google 2FA Update Sign-in securely to your google account

2-Step Verification? What’s that?

It is an extra layer of security in your google account to restrict unauthorized access. From cybercriminals who try to steal user details such as emails, usernames, passwords to get access to their business data. Turning 2-step verification OR 2-step authentication is one of the best methods of staying secure online.

Your 2-step verification is getting easier but more secure.

At the beginning of June 2020, Google announced that they will be “Upgrading” their 2-step verification, and as a result “on the device added in account” will always get prompts.

Roleplay of Google Prompt in 2-step verification:

Wherever you sign-in to your Google account. Google will send a “Secure Prompt Alert” (A secure push notification alert) on your device. This prompt will contain details of when and where the password to your account was entered in addition to that it will allow the user to decide whether to approve or block the attempt to sign in.. 

You are not using 2-step verification? This security upgrade will be enabled for all Google Account users after July 7th, 2020.

Not to worry, Those who are having other methods of verification, your security step will continue to work, as usual, being available as a backup mode of security. Learn more about Google Prompt

You can always review your security settings in your Google Account -

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