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Programmatic Marketing: The ultimate guide to advanced marketing strategy


The digital world, which offers countless opportunities for entrepreneurs to reach their potential customers, is an evolving one with new changes developing constantly. One of the latest innovations in digital marketing is the introduction of programmatic marketing, which enables marketers to target customers on specific pages they visit. Due to the benefits the programmatic marketing offers, almost all marketers and advertisers have embraced its use.

What is Programmatic Marketing?
Programmatic marketing is an advanced marketing strategy that involves buying and optimizing digital campaigns through the use of machines and AI technologies which replace human negotiation and increases transparency for both the publisher and advertiser. It is done through real-time auctions where ads are bought at the same time a visitor loads a website. This form of marketing results in super-efficient ads that convert.

How does programmatic marketing work?
Here is how it works, when a visitor clicks on a page set up for programmatic marketing, the marketplace for programmatic marketing puts up an auction for an advert spot on the search page. If the visitor falls into a company targeted prospect, the company simply enters for the auction and bid to have their campaign placed on that page. All advertisers are given equal opportunities to bid for the same position. However, only the company with the highest bid wins and have their ads appear on the page. One beautiful thing about programmatic marketing is that it involves an automated process that happens just in second. Once the advert is displayed on the visitor's page, there is a high probability rate that the visitor will click on the ad content if it is relevant to him or her.

In six simple steps, here is an explanation of how programmatic marketing works,

  • A visitor clicks on the page
  • The page owner opens an auction for advertisers to bid for a spot
  • The marketplace holds an auction among advertisers
  • The advertiser with the highest bid wins the spot
  • The ad is placed on the website
  • Customers click on the ad and make a purchase from the site.

What are the Benefits of programmatic marketing?

Some of the numerous benefits of programmatic marketing include the following:

  • Flexibility to set up advert time: As an advertiser, programmatic marketing offers you the freedom to set up your bid and choose a time when your targeted prospects browse through the internet more. You can tailor your bid only for advert spots that meet your campaign need. One of the major benefits this type of marketing does for advertisers is that it enables you to remain focus on your target market and prevents money wastage. Therefore, you won't be spending so much money in creating ads that people aren't seeing..

  • Gives you control over your spending: Like pay-per-click advertising, Programmatic marketing allows you to set the amount you want to pay for each ad and the maximum bid you need. It is a very flexible marketing option for businesses. It also gives your control over your spending and ensures that your ads reach only the targeted customers.

  • Pay for relevant impressions: Programmatic marketing allows you to pay only for relevant impressions. You can choose to set up the number of impressions you want to receive at a time. Doing this is very important if you want to achieve your campaign goals. In addition, paying for important impression implies that you are investing in reaching people that will convert into sales and leads to a better return on investment.

  • Target specific audience: In programmatic marketing, advertisers are allowed to target a specific audience. This is a very effective way of marketing because it enables you to create contents that meet the specific need of your target. In addition, because your ads are tailored to meet the need of your customers, they are more likely to click on it and make a purchase.

Finally, programmatic marketing offers numerous benefits to the advertisers, consumers and even the publishers. It involves an automated process that increases transparency and leads to high return on investments for the advertisers. It is also a cost-saving method of reaching your target audience in second.

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