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Choose Performance Tracking Solution Where You Only Pay for Results Not Potential


Over the past few years Affiliate marketing has gained so much traction. Affiliate networks can create and build their business of monthly subscribers. And definitely somewhere Saas (Software as a service) Platforms are playing their vicious role in this growth,and actually They all WIN.

Think about it. A business service provided online for a minimal monthly subscription (which actually affiliate’s love nowadays), which helps affiliates in building their own empire to grow, and get access to the various technology tools available for improving their performance.

How to find your perfect Performance Tracking Software?
To be honest, it is not that easy. Major reason comes forward is, these days everyone is focused on creating their own affiliate programs. but sometimes they ignore the key benefits of tracking services which can help them grow, and opt for any platform without complete research.
Where to go? What to choose? From so many options, it becomes a little bit of confusing stuff for new/startup affiliates.

Here are some tips to find the right platform to work with:

  • Trial is must:
    Psychologically, free trial offers from a platform dramatically lower the hesitation of affiliates to get started with the services.if you are a startup network there is alot for you available to learn, such as, finding right sources of lead generation, keeping a stable retention rate. No matter, how the product is, but free trial proves to be most entice model to new customers 

  • Ease in Access Features:
    To allow clients to efficiently attribute the numerous factors of their digital marketing endeavors with Its leverage to evaluate measurable smart engagements, tracks and optimizes the success of your affiliate marketing with efficiency, enabling you to operate a successful campaign with hassle free user interface.

  • Reporting analytics driven by real-time data and measurements:
    You must be able to get a quick understanding of your campaign performance so that you can make decisions for future activities based on the analysis. and if report recording is real-time then, you will be able to take advantage of immediately actionable insights. Also the more data breakpoints you’ll have, the more flexibility will be there in the understanding of report data.

  • White-label and customize-able:
    That is a great benefit for those affiliate marketers who are new in the industry and focused on building brand awareness. A platform having features of white-labeling and ability to work behind your brand, having modes of customization in manners of custom signup/login form API / brand logo, customizable dashboard themes, custom terms-and-conditions, is a full-fledge power pack to you.

It is a 100% effective and scalable framework. Because partner platform investment is the part of revenue, this partnership was brought to the affiliate marketer. If you are looking for a reliable partner with all these features and offering conversion based pricing have a closer look at Offer18’s pricing plans.

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