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Offer Sync API: Significant tool for Integration


Offer sync API is a powerful data synchronizing infrastructure. The Offer Sync API gives you access to a huge power of your performance platform and its functions of fetching and updating offers from multiple sources/advertisers and gives you sufficient time to focus on other important tasks while it does the work for you.
Offer sync API is designed to fetch offers from any source/your advertiser as quickly as possible. It provides a stable and efficient offer to create and update experience to its users and takes necessary actions as configured while configuring the API.

Smoothen your Integration & campaign creating work and focus on what is important

Effortless integration:
Adding API credentials, sync campaigns, update existing campaigns all of that possible in just a couple of clicks and a bit of your time. Now, it is time to give your experts a break.

Scheduled Sync:
Users can now easily schedule API to automatically sync the latest updated data. as per various schedule settings available. as well as users can also sync API manually or before the scheduled time. in one-click only.

Reinvent while Synchronization:
API Sync product is so fast that you can easily update the rebrokering parameters in offer URLs, specify payouts margins. You don't have to struggle on moving offers manually or keeping an eye on data being moved or updated.

Smart Sync Filters:
API Sync lets the user decide specific criteria for campaigns he wants to sync. Our Smart Filter section will let user;

  • Set a limit on the number of offers/campaigns.
  • Specify models.
  • Define the pricing range
  • Target OS, country, currency

to filter sync results.

Dynamic Field Sync:
Multi-Dimensional field sync to enable or disable or set limits on the field to be synced in API. users can enable disable field sync for 40+ fields. separately

If you don’t find your advertiser partner platform not listed in our API partner list. You can contact your account manager with documentation. They will forward your request to our team and give you stipulated time-lapse to add this API for you.

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