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How multi-attribution events drive the future of Affiliate Marketing


What are attribution events?

Attribution is simple terms is the determined practice of click to conversions as well as post-conversion tracks of the user journey. Attributions events in conversions/leads/sales help marketers to keep an on user’s journey through the campaign after his 1st conversion is made. E.g. if you have a campaign where you expect users to install, signup, then purchase it. So here in the above scenario, all these expectations turn out to be attribution events of a campaign.

Most of the attribution event tracking technology affects the mobile advertising ecosystem, starting from the measurement of ad spend to how well the campaign is optimizing. On the other hand marketing, attribution helps affiliate marketers track how their key engagement points on their web product affect visitor’s conversions. This attribution tracking is not only for measuring whether the first conversion just occurs but also for the measurement increase in conversion rates on each attribution event.

Benefits of attribution event tracking to affiliate marketing OR How multi-attribution events drive the future:

  • Transparency of the entire conversion journey:
    Digital marketers who greatly work with attribution event tracking are consistently attached to the complete conversion journey of visitor and transparency in analysis of each event that occurred on the user’s vicious actions.

  • Campaign/product performance measurement:
    The results of clear visibility in the attribution event pipeline give affiliate marketers a great opportunity to analyze attributed conversion in the most effective way ever. 

  • Funnel Results:
    The comprehensive behavior of attribution event tracking technology has granted a massive analytical connection between the 1st conversion event (top-funnel process starting) to the last conversion event (end-funnel process). The representation is so clear that affiliate marketers can get an overview of this funnel only in a blink of an eye.

  • Multi-touch / Touchpoint modeling:
    Attribution has become crucial for affiliate marketers to measure the impact of digital campaigns. The only fact here is, it provides a more clear, user-level view than traditional aggregate media mix modeling.

  • Strong decision-making tactics:
    Advantages brought by attribution event tracking technology helped performance marketers in better measurement, better optimization, and ultimate decision making, in management of their business ROAS, increasing their business performance.

Advanced event attribution tracking can help affiliate marketers to get right, evaluated a variety of user interaction and campaign performance. However, if done more effectively, this tracking technology can help marketers to reach the right customers. User-level attribution tracking will be helpful in understanding the behavior and requirements of users, this insight leads to better optimization of campaign or product being promoted.

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