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Era of manual monitoring gone, Say Hello to Automation.


Automate large scale tracking and campaign monitoring tasks with campaign automation features powered by Offer18, to identify, optimize, and promote the best-performing offer to visitors. The traditional methodology of targeting and optimization it is nearly impossible to deliver right and meaningful results, especially when you have large amounts of data.

By tapping the powerful offer automation. Offer18 helps performance marketers achieve the best possible outcomes from their performing campaigns. Offer automation uses intelligent rule-based technology to help affiliate marketers see and compare their campaign’s performance and determine which one works best -- and deliver an experience that compels them to take actions accordingly.

Related features to automation:

  • Periodic check with the autoblock:
    Offer Automation enables users to decide about applying auto/manual block on offer or affiliate. and also at the time of the automation rule break, the system immediately alerts the user. it helps the user to take live actions in case of a manual block.User can define a time-period to check for the automation rule and optimize offer for better results in ROI of campaign

  • One-Click Personalization:
    Offer automation is specially designed to automate campaign performance and increase the ROI of every campaign under the rule created for automation. With the help of various metrics such as CR, CTR, CPC, RPC, etc. the automation rule derives the best of its performance, quickly alerting and generating reports of rule break in the fastest defined time.

  • 3-point monitoring:
    Offer automation has a 3-points monitoring system for applying automation rules these are; Offer Based, Affiliate Based, Sub-affiliate Based. User can apply rule and block filters on any of the above points, based on Offer / Affiliate / Sub-Affiliate 

  • Threshold Management:
    Offer Automation supports quick threshold management for clicks and conversions and impressions, along with the smart alert feature to quickly notify users about the ongoing changes.

Insights of what makes it worth
Let the technology discover and deliver the offer that resonates with traffic quality every time, and choose the best traffic allocation that works for the affiliate marketer’s goal. The feature is so flexible that you can either evaluate the performance, optimize the personalized traffic sources, or set the traffic manually. You can quickly gain deeper insight into how your good campaign works with your source’s traffic quality and make better decisions by understanding which traits or rule profiles are most effective in driving more ROI.

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