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Build or Buy: Benefits of Performance marketing software over in-house


It is a headache for any affiliate, advertiser or ad network while deciding if they should buy performance marketing software or build in-house solutions. This blog is meant for all those partners who are struggling in making Build or Buy decisions for their network to work in the digital marketing industry.

Generally raised questionnaires:

  • Should I buy a performance marketing platform on subscription?
  • Is it possible to build my solution with core capabilities relating only to my business?
  • Is there any better alternative to my existing tracking technology?

1. Preferring Third-party Performance solution with all features, functionality, and customization options available:


  • Saving a lot of time to focus on performing well in digital marketing.
  • Always updated technology competing with market trends.
  • Cost-effective solution based on your network performance requirements

2. Building in-house tracking software with features only capable of meeting your business needs

Important Considerations:

  • Customizations require a lot of time whether that is pre-launch or post the launch of a product.
  • You will always need hiring technology experts to get your tech work done. Cost of hiring sometimes gets unexpectedly higher.

3. Migrating from one tracking solution to better performance marketing software:


  • Ease in migration.
  • Dedicated and 24x7 support services.
  • No maintenance charges.
  • Full customization capabilities.
  • Features like whitelabeling to get a feel of a self owned platform.

With Offer18, you will get an ultimate experience and dynamic access to a powerful tracking technology which can help you in growing your business and keep you at the forefront of the digital advertising industry. Along with it our dedicated and always available support executives help users in all kinds of platform related queries. Whether it is related to setup or migration of business or testing integration or building customized tools matching the needs of clients.

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