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Attributing events and Deep-link tracking: Power and Perfection together


Attribution events tracking is what makes deep link tracking more valuable. While working in mobile attribution tracking both technologies are often considered and used separately. But great performance marketers very well know that these two technologies if combined can help them extract the best out of their product performance.

"Attribution event tracking is results of Deeplink Technology used. "

The power of deep link tracking:

Deep Links drive users to an effective landing page or the same product, They are specially designed URLs, which plays their role of engaging users directly to content/product they expect. A deep link in tracking URLs is the method to send users directly to an application or web page with multiple redirection steps.

The Perfection of attributing events:

The attribution event tracking mechanism starts its process of tracking the user journey for 1st initial conversion to the very end. Attributions events in conversions/leads/sales help marketers to keep an on user’s journey through the campaign after his 1st conversion is made. E.g. if you have a campaign where you expect users to install, signup, then purchase it. So here in the above scenario, all these expectations turn out to be attribution events of a campaign.

Benefits of working with attribution event and deep link tracking at the same time using the same technology:

  • Helps advertising partners to operate campaigns more effectively since they have given access to manage the landing page customization as per the traffic source’s requirement.
  • Deep Link technology helps networks to provide users a direct route of reaching their interest-based product landing page.
  • There will always be consistency in reporting as all clicks and attributing events flows from one single platform, which appears much easier to analyze the trend and flow of customer’s reach.
  • An increase in retention ratio, stickiness, and loyalty of users towards product visited or subscribed, and attribution events will help in keeping an eye on each level of conversion the user is completing from gross.
  • Deep-link tracking is the best way to increase the ROAS on a campaign plus attribution events give huge advantages to performance marketers in better measurement, better optimization, and ultimate decision-making tactics for increasing their business performance.

Attribution event tracking combined with deep link tracking will help you keep track of user’s interest based interactions and his journey on each step of conversion/lead/sale. This glance is helpful in decision making strategies for performance marketers.

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