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Cookie-Based vs Cookie Less tracking-Which has a better future


Cookie-Based Advertising:
Cookie-based advertising is a special bone of advertising technique that can even close a sale that never happened. In simple words, cookie-based advertising can get the lost conversion back on your site, But no more. The Remarketing of each user is not going that well like it was used to. A huge ratio of today’s mobile device technology doesn't accept cookies. That means digital marketers are already losing a huge number of audiences which is not even targeted yet.
Nowadays, users are continuing to work with/on multiple devices from various locations. Big advertising brands like Facebook, Linkedin, Google currently working with cookie-based tracking, but there are greater performance marketers who are working on the development of viable non-cookie options for precision tracking users in online advertisement.

Flaws in Cookie-Based Advertising & Tracking:

  • User identification is the only ID defined. Tracked users may or may not be actual users.
  • Different users are considered as different browsers, devices, or locations. The same users having more than one device will be considered as two users.
  • Easily deleted, sometimes users intentionally or non-intentionally delete cookie data.
  • A user has a limited period to be considered as a unique qualified user. Post that time it gets reset/eliminated.
  • Compromising quality and quantity of traffic you pay for.
  • Lack of differentiating tools between the actual user and system bot.

“ More Than 57% Mobile Devices do not accept cookies as Default” 

How is Cookie-less tracking effective?
Cookie-less tracking gets much more complex with what it can track instead of depending on the user's browser for detection and tracking. The use of cookieless tracking is only based on the predefined code that gets executed at the time of user visiting the site and that code sends data to servers for storing them securely for future use in audience tracking.

Cross-platform Cookie-less tracking:
No matter where the user is surfing over the internet, no matter which device he is using. He will be accurately attributed to the site of the advertisement. Most of the advertising platforms are working on the development of cookie-less tracking.

Is it the time to Ditch Cookie-Based tracking methods?
Definitely not, in the past few decades, technology has changed a lot and still changing, there are various factors to be considered. The major concern is; not all the advertiser partners are there yet. Privacy Policies or user data protection on the internet are still unable to catch the pace of changing trends. So while we have a long way to go. Cookie-based tracking is still a precise way of tracking.

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