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Apple IOS 14 update: Is this the end of IDFA in IOS mobile acquisition tracking


More Privacy for End Users!

Last month Apple introduced it's IOS 14 at WWDC 2020 on June 22, probably the best IOS to date. But it has also announced to introduce several upgrades in September 2020. Although few of the mobile attribution technology providers were already preparing for this big change in privacy. 

Latest in privacy upgrades - App tracking controls, and transparency:
All of the data-driven marketing is now based on a user’s approval, apps developers must be requesting user’s permission before accessing their data for tracking purposes. Also, they can see all the given permissions in their settings panel and change the preferences. Apple’s developer documentation refers to the statement: 

Request user authorization to access app-related data for tracking the user or the device.

Apple also states in their documentation that application developers also need to specify the custom text for notifications mentioning why the application is accessing their data. Good news for app developers and mobile attribution tracking providers is; “ Data-driven marketing is not yet.” If you are looking forward to going with IDFA, then this specification can be quite a handy way to convince users that opting-in is not harmful to them.

Takeaway So Far,
With apple’s new privacy policy upgrades. There will be a huge impact on developers and advertisers accessing user's data in background processes. Obviously, Vast numbers of users will not be willing to allow applications to access their data no matter how attractive the notification custom text will be. Which is a big reason for advertisers and developers to be preparing to drive campaign attribution tracking without IDFA in the future.

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