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A to Z Overview of Digital Advertising Industry


Digital Advertising? For those who are planning to start their own affiliate marketing business; the digital advertising industry is a place of a paid advertisement for the circulation of messages/information digitally throughout the internet platform. There are many ways of digital advertising such as the web. mobile, in-app, email, etc.
A practice of promoting content and delivery to the end-users through a bunch of digital promotion channels such as email, social media, search engines, mobile applications, affiliate programs, etc.
Since the initiation of digital advertising, it has been growing steadily the diversity of the digital advertising landscape consists of various ad types and formats. Either the mixture of these can be used or can be used individually as well. 

In this article, we’ve described only 8 most popular digital advertising formats sorted in the A-Z Order list.
(The list contains only popular advertising formats in the digital advertising industry for making the content viewer’s time worth reading it)

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Display Advertising

  • Mobile advertising

  • Native ads

  • Programmatic Marketing

  • Search Engine Advertisement

  • Video Advertising

Affiliate Marketing is an advertising method based on the performance of advertisement being made such performance can be categorized in various models like pay per click, pay per view, pay per lead, etc.
Consequently, an affiliate network is a platform that acts as the broker between an e-commerce business and affiliate marketers. The affiliates are simply website publishers with ad spaces on the website that merchants or advertisers need for their advertisement to reach a larger audience. 
All types of affiliate programs generally run on different cost-per-acquisition models including cost-per-sale, cost-per-lead (CPL), cost-per-install (CPI), cost-per-sale (CPS), cost-per-download (CPD) and cost-per-action (CPA) among several others. In a nutshell, these models all mean that visitors to the site of affiliates must perform a specific action before the affiliates can be paid. 

Content Marketing is definitely not about the brand, product, or any services, it is only about what a user likes a.k.a. Interests of audiences that they care about. Content marketing includes various things like, entertainment videos, articles, blogs, news, e-books, etc. which people usually search for throughout the internet surfing.
A strategic marketing approach which has its focus on building and distributing quality content relevant to the person’s search, interest and consistent in attracting more and more visitors/users to drive profitable actions 

Display Advertisements consist of advertising modes like banner ads, text ads for which marketers get paid on each impression/click/view recorded by the advertising network. This is the most common advertising type where website owners/ self-hosted websites sell their web page slots on rental/ accommodation/subscription or acquisition basis. The more traffic they attract on websites more their revenue will be.

Mobile Advertising is an advertising model where advertisers find marketing partners who can promote their product on mobile web or applications.mobile advertising can also be considered as display advertising because of its nature of displaying banner/text ads on mobile-based web pages. But also this mode also has a unique nature of tracking device/user details who are viewing that advertisement plus segregate the uniqueness of the audiences based on these results.

Native Advertising is kind of making an appearance of the “advertisement” relative to the page content. Phonetics of the platform behavior is so consistent that visitors never get an ODD feeling with the ad placement instead they feel that ads belong here. Some of the popular examples of native advertising are “Promoted content” and “sponsored media advertisement”. Native advertising is a brilliant contrivance that supports performance marketing partners in terms of fulfillment of demand and supply of leads/conversions.

Programmatic Marketing is the automation of advertising work to make them more efficient and drive effective results. The process of buying and selling media in the digital advertising industry enables brands and agencies to purchase ad impressions within milliseconds. Programmatic advertising works on systems where advertisement strategies rely less on humans and more on systems to complete the process of displaying the advertisement. As compared to the traditional methods of advertising, in programmatic advertising work environments advertisers and publishers don’t work 1 by 1 to check and serve advertising slots.

Search Engine Advertising is a direct display of paid advertisements on search engines such as google, bing, yahoo etc.users search for specific keywords while searching over these search engine platforms the advertiser targets those specific keywords to show viewers their advertisements based upon their search. Usually, search engine auction system/bidding system

Video Advertising product videography is quite an efficient way of attracting audiences. from short clips to full product tutorial and advertising networks can gain a great quality of leads by promoting their promotional videos on social media, youtube channels advertising, native video networks, still because. video advertisement is mainly effective in gaining the popularity of the promoted product. Thus the advertisement can get you leads but those will be quality as well if considering the quantity then there are some scenarios where video advertisement doesn’t fit well in lead generation.

In short, the digital advertising industry has no limit yet. There are various popular and non popular advertising formats. Each has its unique characteristics and even some are also interrelated based on working environment

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