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Crucial points for reporting analysis in digital ad industry


The success of performance marketing is rooted in time to time analysis of the sources, how well they have performed. In the business, measurement and effective implementation of strategies brings to the fore the real picture and acts as building blocks for future actions. This is not one-time energy implication but the persistent attention seeker, which an online marketer keeps in mind all the time. 

“ Effective Implementation of strategies brings to the fore

Whether it is affiliate network, ad network, or advertiser and performance markerers, eveyone of them feels delighted in seeing the numbers escalating and at the same time remains curious to get in-depth of the real journey of such numbers and figure it out whether it is synchronized to already set goals or there are any loopholes discovered in its analysis/ it conforms to the set norms of the team or there are found any insights which requires special attention and if required should be put under action to ensure smooth advancing in further campaigns and their tracking.

  • Evaluation without predefined goals is fatal
    to be carried out and needs pre-leveled standards based upon which the performance can be measured. Goals should be crystal clear when it comes to campaigns. It may relate to brand awareness or to the great number of leads to be generated. Whatever may be the goal, it must be measurable in quantifiable fields to conclude and design upcoming targets.

  • Periodical lookup for 
    A comparison based on differentiated periodicals ranging from yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly to daily is capable of taking you to comprehensive analysis like at what day and hour, the most benefit was achieved and upon the guidance of which the future targets can be set.

  • Trustworthy Source and Click Referrals - 
    Being tracking links placed at the publisher's side and receiving clicks in a favorable number do not serve the purpose till the online marketer goes beyond the numbers and to ensure the quality of traffic and increased ROI, evaluates the source and referrer of the traffic. Which source is capable of providing quality traffic is necessary to be figured out to quickly plan the source for upcoming campaigns.

  • Getting campaign Insights from clients- 
    Based on which factors, your connections with clients build-out, can be found by having the conversation. Was it your popularity in the market or your never-ending efforts to get connected with quality clients?. Had they seen any advertisement or by word of mouth of their connections brought business perspectives? 

  • Contributing factors in analysis - 
    The increase in revenue brings an occasion of celebration. To maintain such festivity in the future as well, analyze the factors that contributed to it, along with it indulge a practice of trying new strategies which will result in multiplication of your revenue in the coming times.

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