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Significance of Flexible Affiliate Payouts


Affiliate marketing Industry provides a privilege to achieve ultimate business growth to each partner working at some point in the affiliate network. Each having a certain objective in the mind and a goal to be accomplished. For an advertiser, it is to reach a maximum audience who is interested in his lead generation. For an affiliate, it is to enable maximum end-users to see the advertiser’s promotions and get converted. He will get a commission on successful lead generation. Affiliates have their own sources to carry out the purpose and perform as per their capacity with this, they deserve to be paid accordingly.

What stimulates the need for a payout tier?
In the network, the campaign is promoted with the help of multiple affiliates and all have their own terms and conditions finalized with their respective advertiser. For this, there arises the need to have the function of custom payout which makes it convenient at the advertiser’s end to set specific payout, and rest role play is entrusted to our technology to get the right numbers reported at the right place.
Affiliate marketing is capable of deriving the desired performance from affiliates and our payout tier enables you to set custom payout for each affiliate. 

“ Differentiate payout to multiple affiliates ”

Various events, geos, and models make the foundation for custom payout implementation. Now, the affiliate marketer is on liberation to set payout as per the available options and get the maximum benefit and experience the advanced level of custom payout implementation.

At Offer18, you will experience the custom payout implementation which is required to serve the affiliate as per his efficiency and available sources. You, being a marketer, want to keep certain factors at a customizable level. The same offer being supplied with different levels of inventory by different affiliates assigned under it should be capable of rewarding the associated marketers as per the performance done. With our payout tier option, it gets simplified to get it implemented.

  • Event-based distribution - One campaign in itself may require multiple events integration, the custom payout can be set for initial events or for further events as well and on successful lead generation on all or some of the events according to the inventory supplied by the affiliate, he will receive the preset payout. This varied payout is dispersed as per the result of our payout tier tool.

  • Geo based commission rules - Payout for an affiliate may vary from country to country depending upon the market trends of the particular campaign in that country. Without any constraints, this can be implemented in campaigns in a few clicks. And the rest is done in an automated mode.

  • Revenue share - In case, the campaign requires integration on the rev share basis, that means no static amount is decided to be received from the advertiser and since, the revenue is not decided, how the payout should be set, for this, we have a model structure specially designed for this purpose. With the rev share model, set up is done on the basis of % of the commission received from the advertiser and how much % of the received amount is to be dispersed to affiliates.

Takeaway from here.
To sum up, the custom payout tier has a great potential for a marketer to integrate with affiliates on the basis of their personal aspirations. And the scope of this tool has been discussed in which you are driven through the dimensions which it carries in itself. Affiliates will experience satisfaction and feel inspired on receiving the desired payouts and the marketer can maintain long term relationships. At our end, our commitment to serving our users with the most effective and advanced features achieved another milestone, and on further looking prepares to come with a lot more.

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