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Campaign Management in Performance Marketing


Marketing campaigns in digital advertising is the key to start a business in the digital marketing industry, practically speaking, the role of an affiliate marketer is to promote someone’s offers/campaigns and get paid on the basis of commissions. Well, in this process there is a long list of things or we can say processes which should be considered, which if we shrink: there will be 3 categories. ie., 

  • Finding the right campaign vertical.
  • Reaching out to the campaign/product owners.
  • Searching for the ad placement spaces as known as affiliate networks ready to promote the product over quality traffic sources.

Basically, there are two types of campaigns or offers. One is, digital promotion of goods/services which means the offers or campaigns which include the process of sales/purchase or e-commerce trade. Another category is a form filling well known as lead generation campaigns.

The main goal of this category campaigns is to capture user’s information for the purpose of sharing information with them, a good example of such a category can be considered as survey form filling campaigns. 

Be the master in the research of campaign verticals:
The suggestion is, to pick only verticals which an affiliate marketer already knows and find campaigns under those verticals only. Results of doing so will be as follows;

  • Performance marketers will be able to find good quality campaigns.
  • Chances of gaining a higher profit share are more numerous.
  • Affiliate Marketers will have brilliant tactics followed by the best results from campaigns being promoted.

Identification of a premium affiliate program for campaign promotion:
Look out for the former matches of the campaign you got for promotional activity. Whether it is an affiliate network or it is an affiliate program, if performance marketers want to get fruitful results, they will always need to either apply for anyone, or both. For attracting the quality affiliate marketing networks or programs there are few things which must be fulfilled in the campaign before sharing:

  • The campaign must be interesting to end-user
  • The campaign must be informative.
  • The campaign must be backed by strong tracking technology. (Offer18)

Is there any way to manage advertiser partners, the campaign itself, and affiliate networks in one place?
Definitely, Offer18 is the most versatile performance marketing solution which empowers performance and technology for the greater good of all affiliate advertisers and networks with offer18 services.
The key to successful management is campaigns, affiliate marketers need performance marketing solutions or in other words, affiliate marketing solutions. It is always recommended to get a strong platform that should be able to handle multiple millions of events in a specified time because of the campaign’s considerably complex tracking environment and is able to track the user information from start to finish of the process in desktop and mobile web.

Campaign management is not limited to tracking only. There are also various requirements while campaign promoting which a performance marketing platform should be able to fulfill such as, campaign automation, easy to customize, onboarding new partners with multiple managers and their specific role-plays, and many more. With Offer18, things are so much easier than ever before.

FInal Glossary
Most of the campaigns are promoted via a single tracking Url, the user clicks on the URL and gets redirected to the campaign landing page. In technical aspects, the user gets the date which is stored by affiliates marketers in the offer URL and performs necessary actions. In the whole process, the data terms contain all basic plus necessary information required such as landing page, commission, and payouts, source types, user's general shareable information throughout the campaign tracking.

Start your own performance marketing business with offer18 to step into the affiliate marketing industry, campaign management might not be that much easier, but being the root of marketing startegies, it has attracted great importance and focus. Good and efficient campaign management drives to the best of its ability to perform and generate desired results for business growth.

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