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5 Digital Advertising and Marketing Ad Formats in 2020


Digital marketing has a huge surplus of various ad formats for attracting the audiences towards products and services being promoted. Sometimes it makes quite a confusion about which ad format is best to spend advertising cost on. Figuring out the best performing creative advertising format is an ultimate and unforgettable experience across various advertising platforms such as desktop, mobile, in-app, web, etc.

So we have decided to pick up 5 of the best online advertising formats to help startups as well as professional performance marketers and let them understand the cruciality and the benefits of a feasible advertising format approach which can lead them to their business growth plus maximized budget.

Understanding the Performance of different Ad formats in a practical environment.

Responsive Search Ads -
Flexible ad format where users can add up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions, collectively those headlines and descriptions can be arranged in thousands of groupings which makes limitless advertisement testing possibilities, responsive search ads show at least 2 headlines and a description, in simple words, it can never be smaller than expanded search ad. Another point to consider here is; responsive search ads attract higher CTR (click-through rate) if compared to standard ads. In a short period, users can test their text ads in multiple environments and segregate the best performing ads.

Display Advertising -
Highly customizable ads to fit in any business environment but require a decent amount of effort to get the best results from an ad. Display ads include formats like static banner, video, pop-up. Various paid advertising formats are available which can help a business to grow. And opportunities to target the right audience based on demographics, locations, contextual, etc.

Native Advertising -
Also known as sponsored advertising in traditional methods of advertising, these type of ad formats appear as a part of content some of the examples of native advertising are; in between the content of social media, related results / which search of content on google/bing/yahoo, etc, widget highlighters on specific websites users surfing on. Product showcasing on sites like shopping such as eBay, quicker, etc.

Video Advertising -
Advertising on youtube is a perfect example of a video advertising format. Advertisements playing before, during, and after the streaming content, this can also be combined with user’s interactions while they are checking a website/ad - can be considered as native video advertising being promoted by digital ad networks. Users working with this format always have to keep their development up to date to meet the watch trend so that their viewers don't get bored or frustrated. Video advertising catches user’s attention, so when viewers tune in the brand awareness increases rapidly another benefit is their ability of sharing, people share videos they like and platforms have options of sharing which allows them to engage with the maximum audience possible.

Programmatic Audio Advertising -
Newly launched but gaining huge popularity in just a couple of years, programmatic audio ads are advertising formats built for placement in audio content. Like podcasts, music streaming platforms, etc. since digital advertising gives a variety of environments for customer interaction, the use of audio advertising not only increases brand awareness but also attracts the attention of people. Talking about the benefits to publishers, as programmatic audios are not detectable by ad blockers so affiliate marketers won’t lose their revenue even for restricted impressions. On the other hand, this format helps advertisers by eliminating the chances of equal comparison and competition, because only one audio will be played at a time.

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