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Clickless Leads Tracking- How it works and all you need to know


The success of every marketing effort depends heavily on numbers and the ability to track the required numbers. One unique way through which the tracking of marketing metrics can be achieved is the use of clickless Lead tracking.

What are clickless Leads?

As the name suggests, clickless Lead is a method of affiliate marketing metrics without the use of links. With clickless lead tracking, customers do not have to click a link to be linked to a marketer. This method simply replaces the click with other tracking measures such as promo codes. Clickless lead tracking could be regarded as promo code tracking; Another fact is it doesn’t require cookies to work.

How does clickless Leads work?

Clickless Leads replaces links with promo codes and is applicable in different forms of marketing, from influencer marketing to affiliate marketing. The merchant or organization assigns promo codes to marketers. When a customer enters the assigned promo code, the activity is attributed to the marketer. The use of promo codes does not eliminate clicks completely. Instead, this attribution method is applied to support the use of links. The types of promo codes applied in clickless marketing are discount codes, vanity codes, and referral codes.

How clickless leads are beneficial

The use of links for tracking conversion is limited in so many ways and depends on the customer's ability to click the link. This implies that a marketer or influencer could be responsible for conversion but not get the attribution because the link wasn’t used. However, clickless lead tracking makes up for this deficiency. Clickless lead tracking also has wide applications on digital and non-digital platforms. Advertisers can apply many channels when the conversion is tracked with promo codes, for example. Some of the channels where clickless lead marketing can be applied include magazines, TV, radio, and physical stores. This is in addition to the different social media platforms: Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, to mention a few. The use of promo codes and other forms of clickless tracking is especially suitable for influencer marketing. The influencer gets to share the alternative without using the link. Such occurrences are reduced with clickless lead tracking, and affiliate marketers are bound to be better compensated for their efforts.


It is vital to state that the application of clickless lead tracking could be limited by the checkout software of the merchant or organization. Therefore, for clickless tracking to be effective, the software should be equipped to attribute conversations accordingly.

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