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Addressing The Need For Diversity, Equality And Inclusion In Affiliate & Performance Marketing - Offer18

Addressing The Need For Diversity, Equality And Inclusion In Affiliate & Performance Marketing


The core purpose of affiliate marketing and the marketing industry in general is to promote and sell products to an audience. However, the nature of this discipline requires some form of social interaction that necessitates the existence of relationships.
Although the industry has grown in different areas over the years, a challenge that has remained till date is the absence of diversity in networking events, client meetings or materials put out by influential voices in the industry. We just don’t have a diverse and inclusive environment that gives people of all backgrounds a level playing ground to reach for success.

How affiliate marketing can achieve a higher level of diversity, equality and inclusion

To help curb discrimination and encourage the participation of people from all races, one of the most effective things that we can do is to put in more efforts towards educating everyone in the industry. By spreading information about topics like microaggressions and imposter syndrome, we can help create awareness on the need for a more diverse and inclusive industry.
Also, it might also help to encourage people to share their stories of racism that they have experienced. These conversations may be uncomfortable but we need to have them if we seek to make meaningful progress. It will help people with these horrible experiences feel better while showing why all hands must be on deck as we strive for a more equal workplace. Furthermore, we need to look into how we hire professionals in the industry. The common method is to hire university graduates for entry level roles but what if we provide an opportunity for people from all walks of life to get hired as apprentices so they can learn the ropes and pursue a professional career? Having people with different backgrounds and personalities can help the industry to better evolve.
Likewise, media agencies, brands and advertisers will do well to factor in different personalities, wants, and needs into the plans for their marketing campaigns. By hiring people from different races, they will gain insights into developing a message that’s all-encompassing.

What companies can do to provide the needed education

Companies can do a lot to educate people about these topics but a good place to start is by employing more people from diverse types of groups and have them integrated within the organizations. Plus, companies can also employ tactics like:

  • Unconscious bias training

  • Reverse mentoring

  • Ongoing self-evaluation with measurable actions

  • Regular check-ins with team member of color to see how they feel about the progress being made

It’s best to apply these strategies at the grassroots. For instance, your company could start by educating those about to graduate from college through the establishment of a school partnership program. This will help attract people from diverse backgrounds to work in the media.


Embracing diversity will help boost creativity and aid the industry make more progress in a positive sense. As a collective group, if we make these changes, they will eventually seep into other parts of the society, thus allowing for a huge progress for everyone.

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