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How Adjust And Appsflyer Are Improving Roas Data For Advertisers - Offer18

How Adjust And Appsflyer Are Improving Roas Data For Advertisers


Metrics can be best described as the foundation of any successful marketing campaign and there are several of them that marketers look out for such as quality score, click-through rate or cost per conversion. Although these metrics are important, they do not provide a look at the bigger picture like ROAS. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is the app’s marketer’s key metric for measuring how effectively marketing dollars is being spent. In other words, it allows marketers to compare performance across a diverse set of advertising partners and how they can improve future advertising efforts.

Despite its importance, the formula for determining ROAS is simple. You just need to divide the revenue earned from conversions (purchases, signups and subscriptions etc.) by the cost of advertising (including network and partner commissions.) Advertisers boost the ROAS of their campaigns by increasing spend on the highest return partners and reducing the budget on the lowest return partners.

If you have a solid understanding of mobile marketing, you probably know that it is easy to measure conversions because it is the responsibility of your mobile measurement partner (MMP). And as far as MMPs are concerned, AppsFlyer is best equipped to independently record mobile app events including installs, downloads, bookings, purchases, subscriptions and more.

Developing Confidence in ROAS

ROAS is a powerful marketing metric as it is the basis for many critical partnership decisions. Consequently, it is important that ROAS be accurate and that can only be possible by tight technical coordination.

To get ROAS, mobile measurement partners rely on ad networks to share accurate cost data but this presents a challenge as the cost data varies from MMPs to MMPs. The difference can be traced to the differing standards and methods adopted for the collection of ad cost data. You probably can relate with this scenario if you have received a bill from a network only to discover that it doesn’t align with your own metrics.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem, especially if you’re an AppsFlyer advertiser that works with ad networks that run their business on Adjust. How? Adjust and AppsFlyer have partnered to ensure that the most accurate ad cost data gets captured reliably and delivered consistently via API to you. What this means is that you will no longer experience inconsistencies in cost data, which in turn means that you can now have confidence in your ROAS and receive bills from your ad network that align with your own data.

To start improving your ROAS with AppsFlyer and Adjust, contract your AppsFlyer account representative today.

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