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Fasten the Process of Launching Your Campaigns


When you switch to new software or an app, you need some time to learn about its features and get used to it. Even if you are a regular user of any software or app, you spend a lot of time learning its functionality. Generally, service providers constantly add new features or improve existing but it can consume lots of precious time for their users to adopt new technologies.

With Offer18, you don’t need to worry about learning the integration and launching your campaign. Our dedicated onboarding team will help you to go through the basic functionalities of the dashboard and also help you further in the integration process.

Our onboarding team arranges a demonstration session for users at their convenience time. Where users get answers to their queries and help to understand how to create and manage advertisers, affiliates, and campaigns. Further demonstrations are arranged to help in their integration which is a better way to launch their campaigns in a few minutes. A well-structured demonstration video is also useful. It will also reduce your support related queries.

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