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Popular Ads Formats in Affiliate Marketing


To succeed in affiliate marketing, you need to use the right marketing mix to guide customers into buying your products. Remember that affiliate marketing is a performance-based type of marketing where the affiliate company is not interested in your efforts but only wants to see results. Therefore to ensure that prospects are clicking on the provided link and you are getting your commission, you need to embrace the use of affiliate ads. This article takes a detailed look at the types of ads in affiliate marketing. Read on. 

Types of Affiliate Ads

Before choosing an ad format, you need to know your skills, set your goals, and have a budget. Here are the top affiliate marketing's you should know. 

  • Pop ads -

    Pop ads are ads that pop up when visitors are browsing through the internet.  Pop ads are simple and straightforward. They are not as challenging as other ads. You can reach your target audience and even track the campaign by using pop ads. It also delivers effective results. There are different types of pop ads, and they include:

    • Banner

    • Pop-over

    • Pop-under

    • Interstitial

    Pop ad is great for affiliates on a tight budget. You can start at $200 or less. They are also easy to set up. Even a beginner can set a campaign for a pop ad. You don't have to bother yourself with lots of targeting options like in other types of ads. However, pop ads are no longer converting. People have learned to ignore them, even if they are very flashy.

  • Push ads -

    For push ads to be effective, you'll have to set up a landing page. Push ad is also content-oriented. Before your web visitor clicks on the link to your landing page, you'll have to convince them with some written words. Your landing page needs to have high-quality contents that convert prospects. There are two types of push ads. The push and the in-page push. The push ads are the regular notifications web browser or mobile apps generate. In-page push ads are in the form of banner ads, and a web page generates them. Note that push ads require more time to create. You have to get the content and design right if you hope to see immediate results. 

  • Native ads -

    Native ads don't look like an ad at first glance, but when you pause and look at it, you'll find out they are. Native ads campaigns are technical to set up. You need to have key details like your audience demographics and their attraction. It takes more time to create compared to the push ads. A perfectly-created native ad will lead to a high ROI. Finally, other types of affiliate marketing ads to use are search (Google) ads and social ads. Google ads serve marketers who have a special offer targeted to a specific set of people. Social ads present marketers with lots of targeting options. However, both come with strict rules, and not obeying them could get your account banned.

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