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Reuse the Past, Recycle the Present, Save the Future - Offer18

Reuse the Past, Recycle the Present, Save the Future


Until now, our Earth is the only one in the universe where life is possible. Maintaining the earth's natural assets is critical for the survival of life on the planet. We have the good fortune of inhabiting a magnificent, diverse, and nurturing world. All future generations, including our children, are entitled to the same. Hundreds of millions of people are collaborating to save our Earth. Different types of incidents serve as a reminder that society is capable of great things when we work together, and we can affect change for the right reasons.

Offer18 is also committed to protecting the environment and taking lots of initiative through which carbon footprint can be reduced.

Steps taken by Offer18 to Protect the Earth

  • Helping to Plant Trees - Offer18 has Contributed to Plant Trees Worldwide with Ketto Online Ventures. Offer18 is wistful about saving the environment, hence we took the initiative by donating funds to promote afforestation. Offer18 believes that planting trees today is the most effective way to knock down the climate crisis, The more trees we grow the more they absorb and store CO2 which drives global warming. Also, Offer18 management encourages their employees to plant trees wherever possible.

  • Moving Toward Zero Waste - The best way to minimize waste is to avoid plastic. Most of the waste is from plastic, so if we stop the use of plastic we can help the environment from the waste. We at Offer18 office have almost limited the use of plastic. We are motivating our employees not to use plastic in their daily routine. To have fruits and vegetables in meals instead of using packed snacks is another step toward zero waste.

  • Raised Awareness Among Employees - We keep employees encouraged to reuse and recycle the material as much as possible. If we want to move toward sustainability then we must take some initiative to use the material that can be recycled. We at Offer18 try to avoid unnecessary print out of any documents to save papers. We are using a recycled bin near the printer so that any wrong printout will not throw directly into the dump but can be recycled. Also, we are using recyclable utensils, batteries, and other materials.

  • Reducing Energy Consumption & Shifting to Renewable Energy - We are using equipment that is consuming less energy e.g. LED lights, Electrical equipment that claims to consume less power. We have been using solar energy which further reduces the carbon footprint and helps us to save our Earth.

The World Earth Day observance was developed as an annual event to gain national support for improved environmental protection by resolving issues. The aim of commemorating World Earth Day is to motivate people to improve the environment. The 22nd of April has been designated as Earth Day to raise public awareness of the importance of our world.

Colonization of Mars Not Soon, Let's Save Earth for Now.

Since we first learned about the possibility, a lot has changed. Now, more than ever, we must use our words, votes, and voices to convince government and business leaders that climate change is critical. Protecting the earth from pollution and other practices that cause environmental destruction is something of moral duty for humans. Environmental pollution is dangerous because it adversely affects the long-term health of animals, humans, and plants.

Global warming, smog, acid rain, deforestation, and wildfires are just a few of the current environmental issues. Everyone must protect the atmosphere to make this world a better place to live. To go green, one does not need to spend a lot of money; instead, small improvements in one's everyday routine are all that is needed to reduce one's carbon footprint on the earth.

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