Migration to Offer18 Streamlined Igknights Marketing Efforts along with Escalated Revenue

Migration to Offer18 Streamlined Igknights Marketing Efforts along with Escalated Revenue

Igknights Media (OPC) Private Limited is a premium mobile agency and user acquisition network based out of India. It provides traffic on CPI, CPT, VAS, CPL, and Gaming (Casino and RMG) verticals. Before starting this company, Abhishek Kapadia, founder of Igknights Media, had been to various companies such as Airtel, Etisalat and Mobusi.

Key Highlights

  1. Easy to Use Interface
  2. Premier advertisement tracking
  3. Simple API Setup
  4. Cooperative and Swift Technical Support Team

Reason for Migration

The reason for the migration was a lack of technical support and advanced tracking features. We were using our in-house panel before. After migrating to Offer18, we have been introduced to advanced features such as fraud detection tools and link testers, along with detailed reports. The dedicated support of Offer18 has helped us a lot with API setup and other technical requirements.

For which campaign models/verticals are you using Offer18?

Since we operate as a mobile agency outside of India, we mostly use the CPI campaign model.

Which features do you believe are most useful in Offer18?

Capping Rule - This feature helps us a lot in optimizing the unused traffic. In Offer18, there are many options for overcapping action. We basically use the ‘enable fallback’ action because it redirects the remnant traffic to our other campaigns, which aids in monetizing every bit of traffic.

How prompt is the response you get from our support team?

As we shared above, the technical support team of Offer18 is very intelligent and cooperative. No matter whether it's day or night, we receive a response within a minute, which is very impressive.

Any special setup in which our support team did help you?

The dashboard of Offer18 is very convenient to use. Initially, we did things with the platform-oriented knowledge base of Offer18. Later on, we sought the assistance of the support team while the API was set up. We got timely technical assistance in a very polite way.

In Short Review

Having worked with Offer18 for about four years, we don't have even a little to complain about. We have great experience and highly appreciate how Offer18 provides detailed support to us. It has an easy-to-use interface, even for beginners, and we hereby recommend it to everyone who desires a reliable tracking platform.

About Igknights Media

Igknights is an outstanding user acquisition network that serves mostly countries outside India. It works very closely with multiple brands across various verticals and helps them acquire a premium user base and achieve their marketing objectives.

Company Size: 50+ Employees

Main Verticals: Mobile

Market Presence: 10+ Years

Industries: Performance Marketing

Location: India

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