#White Label Platform for Your Advertising


The opportunity to provide your partners with a complete white label solution through which you can display your brand.

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User Device Friendly

UI is intuitive, functionality is simple to understand, and colors make it aesthetically pleasing.

Faster Load Time

The maximum uptime and smooth overall functionality make it fast, which makes it more productive.


One can stay focused on tasks by using a user interface that keeps one focused.

Quickly Accessible

You don't need to spend much time finding any particular option since they are all available in front of you.

Tailored UI Design

There is a custom-designed interface with a walkthrough, tooltips, quick demonstrations, and documentation guides.

API Management

The feature is not only limited to domain masking but also includes network API options which further help in personalized experience.

Administrator API
Get partners’ signup to their own designed registration page and manage them from the dashboard.

Allow affiliates to sync offers and report with the help of the affiliate API.

Report API
The reporting API under Whitelabel feature transfers report from admin to user dashboards.

Offer Feed API
Sync Offer from own developed platform to Offer18 automatically.

Network-Wide Domain

A partner network can be hosted on a custom domain and configured email SMTP.

Custom Tracking Domain

With SSL certification, users can customize their tracking domain and show their brand name.

Custom Login Domain

Allow advertisers and affiliates to login with your own hosted custom domains.

Custom Email Setup

Your dashboard also lets you use your own email address to send emails to custom addresses or partners.