#Get Notified Potential Fraudulent Traffic

Anti Fraud

With a High-Security tool that can identify fraudulent traffic sources, fake conversions, and alert the user to take action, no malicious traffic can pass unnoticed.

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Anti Fraud

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Click Spamming Defender

Enable this option and spam clicks based on traffic sources will start to filter out based on the preset algorithm. It could be evidence of ad fraud if the conversions are getting received as per desire or if it seems too good to be real.

  Prevent Bad Bots
  Prevent Click Injection
  Intelligent Algorithm

Fraud Fender

A traffic monitoring tool designed to filter out all sources sending repeated or bot clicks from the same IP and ISP.

  High Risk IP/ISP Monitoring
  Fraudulent Source Detection
  Multi-Channel Monitoring

Conversion Risk Monitor

To investigate suspected fraud, CTIT is one of the first and most crucial variables to monitor.

  CTIT Monitoring
  Fraudulent User Acquisition Prevent
  Whitelist Trusted Source

Traffic Source Validator

Traffic can be validated based on traffic sources, sub sources and values received in macros or parameters.

  Block Blank Referrer
  Blacklist Suspicious Source
  Token & Macros Validation
  Unique Click Limit
  VPN / Proxy Block

Offer Automation

Optimizes campaigns, affiliates, and their sub-sources based on metrics like clicks, conversions, and CR.

  CR Optimization
  Prevent Traffic Flooding
  Multi Metrics Monitoring
  Auto Pause Offer

3rd Party Integration

One click API integration with various fraud detection platforms such as 24metrics , fraudscore, etc.