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Comprehensive Fraud Detection and Prevention Software

An effective high-security fraud detection software. Your observer that identifies and reports fraudulent conversions and suspicious traffic sources.

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Anti Fraud

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Fraud protection is simplified with our anti-fraud software solution. It includes powerful Fraud Detection Software that immediately and effectively identifies fraudulent traffic sources and fake conversions, alerting users to take prompt action. As a result, malicious traffic is promptly addressed, protecting online ventures. Businesses can focus on their growth activities, protected by our robust Fraud Prevention Tool.

Click Spamming Defender

Turning on Click Spamming Defender enhances your advertisement defenses against dishonest tactics, ensuring that your marketing efforts remain secure and effective. Our anti-fraud solutions are designed to proactively combat fraudulent activities, safeguarding your campaigns and preserving your brand's integrity.

How Does Click Spamming Defender Work?

This feature uses a pre-set algorithm to filter out spam clicks that come from questionable sources of traffic. For conversions that seem to be original or that suspiciously match expectations, Fraud Detection Software raises a red flag for potential ad fraud.

The system doesn't stop there; it skillfully blocks malicious bots from entering and defends against click-injection techniques. Driven by a clever algorithm, this tool acts as a proactive defense, quickly spotting and stopping fraudulent activity to preserve the legitimacy of your online interactions and the integrity of your conversions.

  •   Prevent Bad Bots

  •   Prevent Click Injection

  •   Intelligent Algorithm

Click Spamming Defender

Fraud Fender

Achieve the best possible security with our anti-fraud software solution, specifically engineered to analyze and eliminate repetitive or automated clicks originating from identical IP addresses and ISPs, ensuring clean and reliable traffic monitoring.

How Does Fraud Fender Work?

Our Fraud Detection Software uses High-Risk IP/ISP Monitoring for threat detection in order to identify and filter out clicks that are repetitive or automated from the same IP/ISP. It ensures a safe online environment by quickly identifying and isolating fraudulent sources. It provides thorough oversight, protects against dishonest practices, and maintains digital integrity with Multi-Channel Monitoring.

  •   High-Risk IP/ISP Monitoring

  •   Fraudulent Source Detection

  •   Multi-Channel Monitoring

Fraud Fender

Conversion Risk Monitor

When it comes to the search for possible fraud, Click to Install Time (CTIT) is one of the most essential variables for scrutiny. Our CTIT Monitoring feature is beneficial as it enables thorough research, also preventing affiliate fraud.

How Does Conversion Risk Monitor Work?

CTIT Monitoring evaluates timelines of user interactions. It looks for abnormalities and stops fraudulent user acquisition by analyzing the amount of time spent on the target. A whitelist feature in the system allows trusted sources exemption. By taking a proactive approach, it is possible to identify and stop suspicious activity early on, strengthening digital security and preserving the integrity of user interactions.

  •   CTIT Monitoring

  •   Fraudulent User Acquisition Prevent

  •   Whitelist Trusted Source

Conversion Risk Monitor

Traffic Source Validator

Traffic can be validated based on traffic sources, sub-sources, and values received in macros or parameters, providing comprehensive insights into the origin and quality of each visitor. This ensures accurate assessment and effective management of your traffic ecosystem.

How Does Traffic Source Validator Work?

There are several levels of scrutiny involved in the validation process. To start, the system removes potential sources of deception by blocking traffic with blank referrers. Next, it adds suspicious sources to a blocklist, guaranteeing a proactive defense. Validation of tokens and macros adds a degree of authenticity by confirming received values.

  •   Block Blank Referrer

  •   Blacklist Suspicious Source

  •   Token & Macros Validation

  •   Unique Click Limit

  •   VPN / Proxy Blocke

Traffic Source Validator

Offer Automation

The anti-fraud detection solution with Offer Automation optimizes campaigns, affiliates, and their sub-sources based on metrics like clicks, conversions, and CR.

How Does Offer Automation Work?

An analysis of metrics like clicks, conversions, and conversion rates (CR) is the first step in the optimization process. Based on performance, CR optimization adjusts affiliates and campaigns. The system keeps an eye on several metrics at once to prevent traffic flooding and ensure balanced performance.

  •   CR Optimization

  •   Prevent Traffic Flooding

  •   Multi Metrics Monitoring

  •   Auto Pause OfferSource

Offer Automation

3rd Party Integration

This is about One-click API integration with various Fraud Detection Software such as 24metrics, fraudscore, etc.

3rd Party Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Use affiliate management platforms with robust fraud detection features. Monitor metrics like conversion rates, click-through rates, and suspicious patterns in traffic sources to identify anomalies that show fraudulent activities.

Look for unusual spikes in conversions from specific affiliates, inconsistent traffic patterns, or excessive clicks without corresponding conversions. Analyze discrepancies in referral sources and conduct regular audits to detect anomalies that suggest fraudulent behavior.

Track metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, IP addresses, user agents, referral sources, and session durations. Analyzing patterns and deviations in this data helps identify suspicious activities and potential fraud in affiliate marketing campaigns.

Offer18 employs advanced anti-fraud measures to ensure the integrity of your affiliate marketing campaigns. Through robust fraud detection algorithms and proactive monitoring, the platform mitigates the risks associated with fraudulent activities.

Offer18 protects against various types of fraud, including click fraud, lead fraud, and other deceptive practices. The platform continuously evolves its anti-fraud mechanisms to stay ahead of emerging threats in the affiliate marketing landscape.

Yes, Offer18 provides customizable anti-fraud settings, allowing you to tailor the level of protection based on your unique business requirements. This flexibility ensures that your campaigns are secure while maintaining optimal performance.

Offer18 minimizes false positives through a sophisticated approach, combining machine learning and manual review processes. This ensures that legitimate traffic and leads are not mistakenly flagged, preserving the accuracy of your campaign data.

Yes, anti-fraud protection is a fundamental component of all Offer18 plans Whether you choose a basic or premium plan, depending upon level of protection. You can trust that your campaigns are shielded from fraudulent activities to maintain the integrity of your marketing efforts.