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Adaffy Summarizing Growth Journey with Offer18


ADAFFY, is a Global Leading CPA Affiliate Performance Network focused in maximizing the ROI of affiliates and advertisers. The experience of the team, over 14 years in the industry , allows Adaffy to provide their partners a full managed and dedicated service to help them achieve their goals.
Adaffy worldwide top and exclusive Mobile and Desktop offers helps affiliates to monetize any kind of traffic they have (Display/Native/Push/Social/Pops/Email/SMS...) and increase their business exponentially. .

- Summarizing Their Growth Journey with Offer18

Challenges before switching to Offer18?

We had issues finding a platform providing multiple accurate targeting options for desktop and mobile. Slow and insufficient tech support, was also a problem in other platforms.

Contributions of Offer18

Targeting options available cover most of the needs we have at the moment. Accurate Targeting options, Smartoffers, Offer configuration possibilities per affiliate and easy API Integration make it profitable for our business.

Glossary of their Journey with Offer18.

We have been using Offer18 for less than a year. Support service is really good, 24/7 available and provides solutions to any issue in real time.

Campaign models / verticals they are working with, in Offer18?

Click2Call, Click2Sms, CPA, CPS, CPL Models. Verticals: Mainstream, adult, dating, Sweepstakes and Vouchers and Mobile VAS.

Any special setup in which our support team did help you?

In setting up Smart Offers and other Offer configuration, the team helped us.

How do Offer18 different from other service providers?

Support service is one of the best we ever had. In Adaffy we're a workaholic team, and it's great to have such a good Tech team to help with any issue at any moment. Platform is also such a complete one that allows us to offer customized options to each of our partners to better monetize their traffic from the first minute. Newsletters and email Affiliate Tool are also a plus.

Which features do you believe are most useful in Offer18?

Security Tools, Payout configurations and targeting options available. Also, an easy API Integration process is a plus for us. It helps us grow really fast and steady.

In Short Review

Offer18 Support and a complete platform has helped us to grow fast and provide our partners with the full-manage service and options that we believe our partners deserve.

We recommend Offer18 as the top business partner any company may have.

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