Xcessmobil- The Overall Experience of using Offer18


XCESSMOBIL is the Mobile Media company , who develop their own telecom services for world wide telcos. We Xcessmobil is an online advertising technology group providing innovative solutions across the digital marketing ecosystem. We share the synergy of investing in data-driven engineering to create experiences that push the boundaries of advertising technology. We know each brand, product, and vertical has distinct marketing strategies and objectives and we take specific approaches to address each one. With more than 15 years of experience behind us, our companies incorporate industry experts, pioneering technology, and proven success cases. .

Challenges before switching to Offer18?

The platforms that we have used earlier were very complicated and the interface of their tracking system was not so user friendly.

Contributions of Offer18

Targeting options available cover most of the needs we have at the moment. Accurate Targeting options, Smartoffers, Offer configuration possibilities per affiliate and easy API Integration make it profitable for our business.

Glossary of their Journey with Offer18.

We have been using Offer18 since 1 year. it's easy to navigate. Everythings is in front of you, So you don’t need to find anything.

Campaign models / verticals they are working with, in Offer18?

We are mainly focusing on CPA and CPI

Any special setup in which our support team did help you?

Yes, in integration with different advertisers API

How do Offer18 different from other service providers?

it's a very user friendly platform , you have each and everything got tracked within a short period of time. it has helped us to work with multiple clients in one way

Which features do you believe are most useful in Offer18?

The most useful feature is Filter Logs, with which you can check your report in detail.

In Short Review

So, I can say the overall experience of using Offer18 is really pleasant. We never face any downtime

If any would ask my suggestion then for sure i’d like to recommend Offer18 to them.

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