Case Study - Fleximobile Ads Experience with Offer18


We at Fleximobile Ads are serving as the network in the affiliate industry. We provide our Advertisers with a way to increase revenue, while maintaining complete control over costs. We give our Affiliates the ability to generate additional income from their inventory or any other search engine marketing programs, as well as other marketing assets. .

Glossary of their Journey with Offer18.

Our team members have lots of experience in affiliate marketing but Fleximobile Ads is a one year old startup. We started our journey with offer18 and decided to keep using it due to support services and custom addon features on short notice.

Campaign models / verticals they are working with, in Offer18?

We are using Offer18 for almost all types of campaign models like CPA, CPI, CPL etc.

Any special setup in which our support team did help you?

Helped with integration at Appsflyer.

How do Offer18 different from other service providers?

it is different due to its support team.

Which features do you believe are most useful in Offer18?

Fraud detection tool is the most useful feature for us.

In Short Review

Experience with offer18 till today is very good. We are really enjoying the system, it gives us a comprehensive solution for both affiliate management and advertiser management. There are many demo sessions tutorial videos are available even though the customer service is always available in chat.

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