Case Study - Mobistroke has grown their business with Offer18

Case Study - Mobistroke has grown their business with Offer18

Mobistroke is a tech company that delivers consumer engagement, acquisitions and transactions through relevant Mobile Advertising. The Company aims to enhance returns on marketing investment through contextual mobile ads and also by reducing digital ad fraud.
We deliver smart cross-channel services combining programmatic technology for display, video, mobile, native, social and cutting edge creative formats to reach the right audience, at the perfect moment.

Challenges Faced.

We used many platforms like Hasoffers and Affise which are extremely expensive. We were also facing downtime issues while downloading reports from the previous tracking platform.

Glossary of their 3 year Journey with Offer18.

Every feature works really smoothly in Offer18 and Pricing along with the Super Support as compared to other software around are the main reasons.

Campaign models / verticals they are working with, in Offer18?

We are using Offer18 for almost all types of campaign models like CPA, CPI, CPL etc.

Which features do you believe are most useful in Offer18?

I believe most features in Offer18 are creating events and its user friendly interface.

How promote the response you get from our support team?

The response time of Offer18 Customer Support is really Instant, we have never face any delay / waiting period in their response.

Any special setup in which our support team did help you?

Offer18 is really easy to use though some time we require help in API integration where their support team helps us a lot.

In Short Review

We have been using this platform since 2018 and all team members of Offer18 are good and supportive, Price is also less so it's very convenient to afford to all. We'd like to recommend Offer18 to others as well.

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