Case Study - AdzCorner Sharing Reason that Makes Offer18 A Reliable Solution


AdzCorner is a performance-based marketing solution for advertisers, publishers, agencies, and online affiliates. With campaigns catering to 20+ countries with a selection of international campaigns, we work with a vast array of verticals and media channels, within both the web and mobile spaces. AdzCorner is a web and mobile advertising company dedicated to helping advertisers with branding and user acquisition for various App Developers and ensures the best quality traffic over mobile and web channels. We specialize in digital marketing for all major kinds of app verticals including gaming, e-commerce, lifestyle, utilities, social, education, entertainment, and others on CPM, CPI, and CPA cost models. For publishers, we try to maximize your revenues by bringing in direct advertisers and showing relevant ads that best fits your user audience using banners, interstitial, videos, social and native ads.

Market Presence

7+ Years

Company Size

10 Employees

Main Verticals

Mobile, Desktop

Reason of Migration.

The main reason is its In-built Automation tool which is helping us to maintain CR of campaigns. The dashboard is simplified even a new user can use it without any training, unlimited offer creation with almost all basic & advanced options. In the Offer Sync API tool, there are almost all well-known networks available.

For which Campaign models/verticals are you using Offer18?

We are using Offer18 for almost all types of campaign models like CPA, CPI, CPL, etc.

Which features do you believe are most useful in Offer18?

We believe that the most useful features are smart offer, data import, and offer sync API.

How prompt the response you get from our support team?

Very fast. We never faced any late response.

Any special setup in which our support team did help you?

To be honest we didn't require much support while basic integration thanks to its user-friendly interface. But the support team helped us in integration with a mobile attribution partner.

In Short Review

We have been using the Offer18 platform for the last couple of months and we can say it is best over all the other tracking platforms due to its easy to use interface and very reliable in terms of price. All the features provided on Offer18 are just awesome and one can easily operate it in no time.

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