AdsFactory: Why We Choose Offer18 Performance Marketing Tool

AdsFactory: Why We Choose Offer18 Performance Marketing Tool

AdsFactory is a leading affiliate network, providing services in mobile and desktop vertices. AdsFactory is helping brands to increase return on ads spend and publisher in utilizing their inventory effectively.


  1. Great satisfaction
  2. Unique tool for fraud conversion detection
  3. Excellent tracking tool
  4. Cost efficient solution

Reason of Choosing Offer18

We have always used Offer18 since the Inception for our business. Before deciding on the choice of our tracking and digital performed solution providers, we conducted in-depth research and sought out a review. We found that Offer18 stood out due to the wide variety of options and features offered. This included audience targeting, campaign automation, scalability, and security. These and more informed our selection.

For which Campaign models/verticals are you using Offer18?

We are using Offer18 to run mainly the CPI verticals and have obtained massive results from it, but we also employ the other campaign models offered by Offer18 occasionally.

Which features do you believe are most useful in Offer18?

The audience targeting feature of Offer18 was what we found most useful and striking. This is because it was able to aid us in attaining visible results from our campaigns which could not have been attained if not for this feature.

How prompt is the response you get from our support team?

Rapid and highly efficient. The team was able to provide relevant and adequate help to resolve our issue within a few minutes of the request.

Any special setup in which our support team did help you?

So far, we have not had much reason to contact the support team for assistance and this is attributable to the user-friendly interface and intuitiveness. We have only had to contact the support team due to minor issues about target selection.

In Short Review

Unreservedly, we tender an appreciation to Offer18 for the immense satisfactory services delivered to our business. We can proudly say that Offer18 has topped the chart in terms of performance compared to other service providers. After 2years of partnership, we continue to benefit from the broad range of features provided by Offer18 and highly recommend their services.

About AdsFactory

AdsFactory is a renowned digital marketing solution company that specializes in the delivery of effective campaigns and exquisite traffic to customers across various verticals. The services offer APK, CPI model solutions for clients in banking and insurance, education, gaming, and other spheres.

Company Size: 10 Employees

Main Verticals : Mobile and Desktop

Market Presence: More than 2 years

Industries: Performance Marketing

Location: India

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