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Offer18 provides its users a complete white label solution through which they can show their brands to their partners. Everyone in the digital advertising industry wants to own a platform but only a few can afford the costs of development.

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Tailored UI Design

A tailored designed interface, with ease in account setup. We have moved the learning curve downwards with a simple and easy to understand walkthrough, tooltips, quick demonstrations and documentation guides available on the platform.

User Device Friendly

A very concise user interface where all functionality is easy to understand without any technical help. The right combination of color and icon makes it more attractive

Faster Load Time

The maximum uptime and smooth overall functionality make it fast which make it more productive.


An interface has been designed in such a way that keeps one focused on the tasks that are getting performed at a particular time which can help to save time and to avoid diverting focus from current tasks.

Quickly Accessible

Don’t need to spend much time finding any particular option. Each option is available in front of you and can be accessed in a few clicks.

API Management

The feature is not only limited to domain masking but also includes network API options which further help in personalized experience.

Administrator API

Get partners’ signup to their own designed registration page and manage them from the Offer18 dashboard.

Affiliate API

Allow affiliates to sync offers and report with the help of affiliate API

Report API

One of the handy tools in our Whitelabel feature list to transfer reports from the admin reports section to the user's dashboard.

Offer Feed API

Sync Offer from own developed platform to Offer18 automatically.

Network-Wide Domain

Users can host their partner network on their own domain, with their customized tracking domain and SMTP email configured to send emails from their email address.

Custom Tracking Domain

Users can use a customized tracking domain with SSL certification and show their brand name to the partners.

Custom Login Domain

Allow advertisers and affiliates to login with your own hosted custom domains.

Custom Email Setup

Communicate with your partner using your own email address. Also send emails to custom email addresses within your dashboard. Check the logs to know what emails are delivering from your end.