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Use our comprehensive white-label solution, which provides you with personalization choices, to improve your collaboration and take it to new heights. Showcase your brand prominently while providing partners with a seamless experience tailored to your identity.

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Whether it's customising the platform interface, incorporating your logo, or aligning with your brand colours, our solution empowers you to make a lasting impression. Elevate your partnerships with a personalised touch that sets you apart from the competition. Explore the possibilities of personalization and establish a strong brand presence with ease. Experience the power of customisation today with our white-label solution.

Optimised for Any Device

Our UI is optimised for all devices, ensuring a consistent and intuitive experience across desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. With simple functionality and aesthetically pleasing colours, you'll enjoy a visually appealing interface that's easy to use and navigate.

Efficient and Productive

Benefit from faster load times and maximum uptime, ensuring smooth functionality that enhances productivity. Stay focused on your tasks with a user interface designed to minimise distractions and streamline workflows.

Accessible and Convenient

Find what you need quickly with all options readily available in front of you. Spend less time searching and more time accomplishing your goals with our easily accessible interface. Experience efficiency and convenience like never before with our user-friendly design.

Boosted Efficiency with Faster Load Times

Our platform's maximum uptime and seamless functionality ensure lightning-fast load times, enhancing productivity. Experience swift navigation and rapid access to features, empowering you to accomplish tasks efficiently. Enjoy uninterrupted workflow and optimised performance.

Tailored UI Design for Enhanced User Experience

Experience a custom-designed interface tailored to your needs, complete with intuitive walkthroughs, helpful tooltips, quick demonstrations, and comprehensive documentation guides. Our user-friendly design ensures seamless navigation and easy understanding of functionalities, enhancing your overall experience.

Empowering Personalised Experiences with API Management

API management plays a crucial role in enhancing the user experience and enabling personalised interactions.

Administrator API

This API empowers administrators to streamline partner sign-ups by directing them to their custom registration pages. Additionally, administrators can efficiently manage partner accounts and activities directly from the dashboard.

Affiliate API

Affiliate API enables seamless synchronisation of offers and reporting processes. Affiliates can easily access and integrate offers from our platform into their systems, streamlining their workflow and optimising performance.

Report API

Under our White Label feature, the Report API facilitates the transfer of reports from the administrator's dashboard to user dashboards. By this, one can ensure that users have access to accurate reporting data to make informed decisions.

Offer Feed API

The Offer Feed API automates the synchronisation of offers from users' developed platforms. This eliminates manual tasks and ensures that users have access to the promotions and offers going on. This will enhance the efficiency of their campaigns.

Host Your Partner Network with Ease

Improve your partner network's presence by hosting it on a custom domain. With configured email SMTP settings, seamless communication is ensured. Enjoy complete control over your online identity while providing partners with a professional environment.

Custom Tracking Domain

With SSL certification, users can customize their tracking domain and show their brand name.

Custom Login Domain

Allow advertisers and affiliates to login with your own hosted custom domains.

Custom Email Setup

Your dashboard also lets you use your own email address to send emails to custom addresses or partners.