Affiliate Summit West - Las Vegas, US

Affiliate Summit West - Las Vegas, US

The Affiliate Marketing Summit is the largest affiliate marketing conference in the world. It brings thousands of participants from more than 70 different countries, which include affiliates, networks, agencies, advertisers, and well-known brands under one roof. This event offers cutting-edge, strategic sessions delivered by experts. Attendees get access to exclusive networking opportunities that help them build stronger relationships and collaborations with marketing professionals.

It is the exclusive place where one can interact and exchange information with thousands of stakeholders in the affiliate marketing industry. No doubt, attending this event is a wonderful prospect to learn about the most recent developments in performance marketing and network with the key players. In the year 2023, the biggest affiliate marketing event in the world will take place in Las Vegas between January 23 and 25, bringing together 6,000+ advertisers, affiliates, merchants, networks, entrepreneurs, and tech vendors.




It is usually held in Las Vegas, US




General timings are 10 am to 6 pm


Usually held in the month of January


Three-Day Event

Who Attends the Affiliate Summit West?

  • Affiliates

  • Advertisers

  • Networks

  • Suppliers

  • Influencers

  • Agencies/OPM (Outsourced Program Management)

  • Solution Providers

Content to be provided in the ASW 2023

A vast variety of content is served to the audience for their personal and professional growth during this event. In the year 2022, new content sessions were extremely popular. That is why it is introducing two new content tracks, namely Innovation and Brand. The content tracks of ASW23 are as follows:-

  • The E-commerce Industry

  • Best Affiliate Marketing Practices

  • Strategy for Partnerships

  • Content and Commerce

  • Impact of Influencers

  • A Guide to Affiliate Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • The Advanced Affiliate Summit

  • New Content Tracks

  • Innovation

  • Brand to Brand

How is ASW23 Different from Other Events?

AWS stands still and offers a wide range of networking, knowledge sharing, and branding opportunities. There are four reasons which make it different from other affiliate marketing events. They are provided below:-

  1. Content Commerce:- Content Commerce is a brand new shelter for Affiliates, Mass Media Publishers, Bloggers, VPs, SVPs Heads of Commerce who are seeking to rely less on an advertisement, monetize editorial content, and increase revenue. They’ll learn:-

    • To Grow their content quality and increase revenue with shoppable content.
    • Reduce reliance on advertisements and create a long-lasting stream of income from the content
    • Learn about various products and their alternatives to promote affiliate commerce, such as:-
      • a. Platforms for monetizing content
      • b. Technology for tracking and attribution
      • c. White label marketplace
  2. Meet Market:- The fastest and simplest way to obtain thousands of new leads for your company is by attending the Affiliate Summit West Meet Market. It is a quick-paced networking event for hundreds of e-commerce entrepreneurs and affiliate attendees.

  3. Exhibit Hall:- The Affiliate Summit West Exhibit Hall is the ideal location to meet and establish relationships with thousands of advertisers and publishers of all shapes and sizes, including bloggers, mass media publishers, and coupon and cashback websites. One can buy a booth at the event to network, host meetings, and put their brand in front of their potential clients.

  4. Sponsorship opportunities:- This summit offers incredible sponsorship prospects. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase the brand in front of all the attendees, who can either be advertisers, affiliates, networks, or potential clients. Sponsorship opportunities include registration sponsorship, main stage sponsorship, video wall sponsorship, webinar sponsorship, etc.

AWS23 Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Registration Sponsorships:- Sponsorship of either the online registration platform or the event registration area can put your brand in front of every attendee at ASW23.

  • Main Stage Sponsorship:- By sponsoring the main stage, you can engage your brand with the best affiliate marketers. You will become recognized as a thought leader in the affiliate marketing sector after achieving the stage sponsorship opportunity.

  • VIP Lounge Sponsorship:- You will be able to get your branding everywhere in the VIP Lounge and have unique access to the event's VIPs. This is the place where your brand will be seen by affiliate marketers, advertisers, affiliates, successful entrepreneurs, and potential customers.

  • App & Wi-Fi Sponsorships:- Throughout ASW, participants will continuously use the app for networking, booking, and information sharing. This is an ideal chance to obtain exclusive branding on the app and gather prospects that are actively seeking out networking opportunities. Holding internet sponsorship is your shot to have your logo shown on every Wi-Fi sign, including the landing page, which thousands of ASW participants will undoubtedly view.

  • Exhibit Hall Bar Sponsorship:- This sponsorship is for you if you really want your brand to be at the center of the event! While people unwind and network, the bar will be at the center of the action and is the ideal place to be noticed.

  • Water Sponsorships:- All attendees of Affiliate Summit West will receive water for free. Water sponsorship is the chance to convert each water bottle or cup at ASW into a lead.

  • Badges & Attendee Bag Sponsorships:- Are you interested in walking and talking ads at ASW? Each participant will receive a badge (with your logo). This will make each attendee an advertisement for your business! As with bag sponsorship, your brand logo will be engraved on all bags given out during the event.

  • Official Party Sponsorship:- All the attendees of this event will have the opportunity to get together and celebrate the night away at the formal celebration. This is the opportunity to display your brand's logo on all the drinks and balloons. Also, a photo booth featuring your company's logo is posted on social media.

  • Video Walls Sponsorships:- Your logo will be shown on the enormous video wall in the main Forum foyer entry as part of the video wall sponsorship. It will be displayed on the screen for 10 to 12 seconds.

  • Report Sponsorship:- It's a wonderful idea to showcase your knowledge in an intelligence report if you want people to view your brand as the leader in the market. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to develop a customized publication with important trends and insights for the affiliate marketing sector.

  • Webinar Sponsorship:- A webinar is an excellent way to promote your business, demonstrate your subject matter knowledge, and generate qualified leads. They are valued by many attendees, who affirm that they will use the information learned to provide the best results possible. So, take advantage of the webinar sponsorship to reach the appropriate audience in the right way.

  • Projector Wall Sponsorship:- This is a splendid chance to advertise your brand on the Caesars Forum projector wall. Your logo will appear on a 30-second video loop in rotation.

  • Some Additional Opportunities for Sponsorship:- There are some additional opportunities for sponsorship other than the above-mentioned. They are hand sanitizers, hotel key cards, meet market bar, restrooms, t-shirts, large floor clings at the exhibit hall entrance, high roller-VIP private cabin, etc.

Key Advantages of Attending the Affiliate Summit West

Affiliate Summit West is a huge marketplace for affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and also for newbies. There are countless benefits to attending this event. They are discussed below:-

  1. Opportunity For Networking:- ASW is an event where networking, knowledge sharing, discussions, and everything else happens in one place. Thousands of people attend this event to meet the industry professionals and learn from each other’s business strategies and form healthy and strong relationships.

  2. Keeping Up with Industry Innovation and Market Developments:- Marketing is always evolving and taking a different approach each time. Innovation and developments usually take place to serve the best platters to the audience out there. So to get to know about the industry's innovations and to cope with market developments, one must attend such events.

  3. Prospects for Brand Awareness:- This big event offers numerous opportunities for branding and advertising. Many sponsorship prospects are available for companies to display the logo of their brand where all the attendees will notice and, if they get value from it, can convert into leads.

  4. Quality Content:- Quality content is what makes it different from other events. Content & Business helps affiliate marketers grow their content and earn revenue instead of spending rigorously on ads. Content is the only key to generating organic leads. Hence, this event will provide you with quality content and other special tactics to improve the already published content on your website.

  5. Make up-to-date with the latest trends:- Every business follows suit as demanded by the clients, or in simple words, works according to the industry trends to secure their position in the ever-competitive market. So, attending this event is very important to get aware of the trends and remain up to date with them.

  6. Partnerships and Collaborations:- Remarkable events like Affiliate Summit West offer the world’s best networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities to all the attendees. If one could be able to maintain strong connections with industry professionals, then they might end up collaborating or signing partnerships.

  7. Revenue Maximization by Generating Leads:- The wonderful sponsorship and exhibition opportunities proposed by this summit will help you to showcase your products and services in front of thousands of industry experts. If your offered product will provide value to the prospective clients, then it may end up generating leads, which ultimately results in maximizing your revenue.


Affiliate Summit West is a shelter for affiliate marketers. It is the best place to meet and connect with thousands of affiliate marketers, including advertisers, affiliates, ad networks, agencies, entrepreneurs, and industry newcomers. One of the leading events that offers eye-opening opportunities for networking, branding, learning, and forming partnerships with successful industry professionals. An ironic event organized in the mesmerizing city of the United States where one can get the opportunity to network, grow, and learn is a must-attend event.

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