Impact of Push Notifications & Audience Segmentation


Several digital marketing strategies have been innovated to help businesses match the fierce competition in the global market. Since most of the potential customers you want to win over are active online, there's no better time to blend those digital trends into your marketing plan. Their efficient application could birth a major turnaround in how your products sell.
Apart from the usual email marketing and blogging, Performance Marketing is fast growing into a mighty force in the digital marketing sphere. We will consider the blend of push notifications and audience segmentation in developing a winning performance marketing model. Let's get started!

What is Performance Marketing?

In a very simple way, performance marketing is a mutual alliance between a company and digital marketing service providers to promote its brand to its potential customers. It is so named because payment is made only when the desired objective is realized or when specific tasks are completed. Marketing service providers take business brands to the target market via ads, while companies make payments as clicks, leads, and sales are generated.

Performance Marketing with Push Notification and Audience Segmentation

Performance Marketing is more efficient when two or more strategies are applied together. Let's briefly explore the blend of push notification and audience segmentation. According to Statista, more than 90 percent of internet users access the web from their phones. This makes push notification an extremely viable initiative to reach buyers. Push notifications are those interrupting messages displayed on the screen of a mobile device when using web apps or browsers. Push notification is a viable tool you can leverage to create a channel through which internet users can be introduced to your brand. And it is most effective when the audience is segmented.
Audience segmentation implies the use of certain metrics to categorize your target market. The groupings could be designed based on their locations, age groups, sexes, interests, and preferences. You must acknowledge the differences of your target audience to win their buying decision. When you segment your audience, then you can create push notifications that'd satisfy their individual needs. There are several options you can leverage to send out push notifications to your groups. However, you can consider tags, aliases, and metadata filters.

How Does Blend Aid Performance Marketing?

Enhanced User Experience

The quality of user experience your audience gets interacting with your brand is a major influencer of their buying decision. It speaks volumes to them about the quality of your products/services. Push notifications based on the categories of your audience would help you give them a top-notch user experience.

More Conversion Rate

The number of visitors on your web platform is not what makes a marketing strategy effective. The real deal is in getting them to buy your product. And since a segmented push notification ensures messages are sent based on the interests and preferences of your target audience, it has a very high chance of increasing your conversion rate.

In conclusion, Sending out push notifications based on a thorough audience segmentation will significantly help you achieve your marketing goals. Their combined application could be the answer to the sales boom you've been desiring.

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